Radiocrafts Wireless M-Bus Module Features Patent Pending Technology

Radiocrafts AS, a leading provider of compact RF modules, announce patent pending technology used in their Wireless M-Bus module solutions. Radiocrafts is a leading provider of Wireless M-Bus solutions for use in AMR and Smart Metering. Their module portfolio includes solutions compliant with the Dutch Smart Metering Requirements (DSMR / NTA 8130), and the Open Metering System specification (OMS) initiated in Germany. Radiocrafts is actively participating in the standardisation work of OMS, and in the CEN Technical Committee 294 reworking the EN 13757 (M-Bus).

Radiocrafts has developed an extensive range of intellectual property (IP) related to their products. Several of the unique features and methods used in the implementation of the Wireless M-Bus modules are being patented. Radiocrafts also offer their Wireless M-Bus IP for licensing to customers implementing and deploying large scale Automatic Meter Reading systems.

“As a leading technology and solution provider it is very important to protect our IP, and using patents is one of the means we have to do this. By being an active participant in the standardisation work, and combining this with innovative designs, we can offer our customers the best possible solutions,” says Peder Martin Evjen, Managing Director of Radiocrafts.

The main features covered by the patent are innovations to handle a multitude of slaves (meters) by one master (concentrator or MUC), while meeting stringent timing requirements and using a minimum of memory resources. In particular the patent covers the methods used to meet the timing requirements for a master, using an address register, a flag register, an encryption key register combined with an auto-message generator for standard messages and its combination with a mailbox with pre-generated messages or templates, and a given message priority, depending on incoming messages.

“The innovative design of our Wireless M-Bus modules has given us a leading market position. By patenting this technology we protect our IP, and any infringements of patents and IP rights held by Radiocrafts will be prosecuted to the fullest extent,” says Tom Sjølie, Sales and Marketing Director.

About Radiocrafts
Radiocrafts is a leading RF module design and manufacturing company. Radiocrafts’ standard RF modules provide compact, easy-to-use, low cost, low power and high performance RF solutions for a large number of wireless applications using license-free ISM bands. Using modules OEM manufacturers without RF design knowledge can easily add wireless technology into their design, reducing time-to-market, cost of design, test and compliance approvals. Radiocrafts also offers custom and application specific product development, supporting customers from initial project ideas to volume product delivery.