Energy Micro to Develop Low Power RF Transceiver Products

Energy Micro, the energy friendly microcontroller company, has announced it is to begin development of a companion range of low power RF transceiver products. In line with its successful microcontroller design philosophy, Energy Micro is aiming to produce RF devices consuming a quarter of the energy of existing leading edge products.

Energy Micro President and CEO, Geir Førre commented, “In terms of energy consumption, RF products have simply not improved over the last five years. Sure, they’ve evolved to become better integrated and more sophisticated, but energy consumption has either stayed the same or got worse! Our aim then is to maintain levels of integration and performance while achieving energy consumption figures four times lower than those offered today.”

A complete family of Energy Micro RF products is planned for launch in 2011, covering multiple frequency bands and supporting both standard and proprietary wireless protocols. Initial market sector targets reflect the company’s existing microcontroller customer base and will include energy metering, home and building automation and alarm and security industries.

Førre continued, “With the launch of our EFM32 Gecko microcontrollers in 2009, we proved we have the capability and know-how to challenge the status quo in electronic design and produce the world’s most energy friendly products. With a number of our team starting out life at the Chipcon company, RF design is another of Energy Micro’s core competences and we look forward to providing customers with complete low energy microcontroller and low energy radio solutions.”

Before founding Energy Micro in 2007, Førre led Chipcon’s development as Co-founder, President and CEO, from its origins in 1996 as a design house to becoming the market leader in low-power RF solutions 10 years later. Chipcon was acquired by Texas Instruments in January 2006. Following the acquisition, he served as the Managing Director of Texas Instruments Norway ASA and as Product Line Manager of Texas Instruments’ Low Power Wireless business unit.

About Energy Micro
Energy Micro develops, markets and sells the world’s most energy friendly microcontrollers, based on the industry leading ARM® Cortex(TM)-M3 32-bit architecture. The company was founded in 2007 by experienced semiconductor professionals with previous expertise from Chipcon, Texas Instruments, Atmel and Nordic Semiconductor.