Plus Semi and X-FAB Launches Plessey Semiconductors

Plessey Semiconductors Limited announced that it has started trading from its semiconductor manufacturing facility in Roborough, Plymouth, UK. Plessey Semiconductors has been created from the acquisition of the share capital of X-FAB UK Limited together with existing key engineering competence within a design and technology centre located in Swindon, UK. The name of the operating business has been subsequently changed to Plessey Semiconductors.

The semiconductor manufacturing facility in Roborough currently produces eight-inch wafers for external customers in a foundry business model on 0.35-micron CMOS process technologies. Plessey Semiconductors is transferring its world-class bipolar process technologies on both silicon and silicon-on-insulator substrates into its Roborough facility. The transfer of these processes is scheduled for completion in 2010. Both the CMOS and the bipolar process technologies will be used to support a set of existing foundry customers. However, Plessey Semiconductors aims to follow in its namesake’s footsteps by developing and supporting a range of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products.

“The historical significance of what we are doing is not lost on the management and employees of our new business,” said Michael LeGoff, Managing Director of Plessey Semiconductors Ltd. “A large proportion of our employees started their careers in Plessey working in the various sites around the UK. We see this announcement as a return to our roots. This is a business model that addresses a market that we know very well – designing and manufacturing a set of high technology semiconductor products that competes with any semiconductor company in the world.”

Paul James, Commercial Director of Plessey Semiconductors Ltd. said: “We are very excited about the re-launch of the Plessey Semiconductors’ brand and our new business strategy. Our positioning addresses the critical and immediate requirements we have identified in the market for our high performance analog technology and products. We have been receiving very positive responses from the market about our plans to support both our existing foundry customers and to engage new customers with exciting new product releases. The first of these product families is on schedule for release later in 2010.”

The UK’s South West RDA (Regional Development Agency) will part-fund the project by providing nearly one million pounds Sterling under the Grant for Business Investment scheme when the deal is completed. Paul Wilson, Business Investment Adviser for the South West RDA said: “We are delighted to support a solution that provides continuity of well-paid high tech manufacturing jobs in the region. The South West RDA is extremely pleased to be able to contribute to what should be an exciting new venture in the region.”

Plus Semi and X-FAB issued a joint news release that announced the original sale agreement on 1st December 2009. The acquisition of X-FAB UK Limited was completed on 6th January 2010, effective 31st December 2009.

About Plessey Semiconductors Limited
Plessey Semiconductors are the world experts in the development and manufacture of CMOS and bipolar analog/mixed-signal processes and products for the electronics, telecommunications, defence, medical, aerospace and automotive markets. Plessey Semiconductors offers its customers CMOS, bipolar, complementary bipolar and BiCMOS process technologies on both silicon and silicon-on-insulator substrates. The Plessey Semiconductors products have been specifically designed for RF and sensing applications. The suite of state-of-the-art high precision, high voltage products are available in high temperature and radiation tolerant options.