Adaptive Digital Technologies Works on Arm Solution for Android

Adaptive Digital Technologies (Adaptive Digital), a member of the ARM® Connected Community[tm], announced it is participating in the ARM Solution Center for Android, a collaborative resource for designers and developers of ARM technology-based products running on Android, the open source platform from the Open Handset Alliance[TM]. Adaptive Digital provides anVoip[tm], a complete suite of industry standard, VoIP voice engine software for Android. The anVoip base configuration set consists of the algorithms essential to an Android voice application, including Adaptive Digital’s field-proven acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), G.711 voice codec, automatic gain control (AGC), and RTP protocol. Algorithms may be added a-la-carte per a customer’s requirements.

Adaptive Digital has been providing VoIP solutions to the industry for over fifteen years to eighty-five customers who deploy equipment worldwide. By participating in the ARM Solution Center for Android, and making available the anVoip voice engine for Android, Adaptive Digital has placed itself in a strategic position to provide its mature, field-hardened VoIP software to the exploding market of Android-based handsets, Mobile Internet Devices (MIDS) and Netbooks.

As the market for smartphones, other connected mobile and home devices grows, so too do consumers’ expectations for these devices. The ARM Solution Center for Android provides designers and developers of Android-based devices, the assurance that the components used to develop these next-generation consumer electronic devices are up to the task.

“We see the VoIP market embracing the simplicity of the SOC and we are happy to support ARM in their industry-leading position in this market,” said Bill Jensen, vice president of sales, Adaptive Digital. “The ARM processor is the common thread that allows our customers to attack markets quickly and allows Adaptive Digital to support a variety of devices and markets. The ARM processor is at the center of the Android world from our viewpoint.”

“Android was written for the ARM architecture, the leading processor architecture for internet everywhere applications from mobile to the connected home,” said Kevin Smith, vice president of Segment Marketing, ARM. “ARM is fortunate to be able to cultivate a Partner ecosystem that ensures device manufacturers have the best development solutions at their disposal.”

Adaptive Digital’s anVoip voice engine provides system designers with the building blocks needed to add VoIP capability to any Android-based device. The flexibility of the algorithm base set gives companies the ability to retrofit already fielded products with VoIP. Adaptive Digital offers assistance to its customers with their product definition and architecture. Custom application code can be provided to help customers get to market quickly. Working directly with ODMs is a path occasionally requested by customers for design assistance and time to market pressures. Adaptive Digital’s support is available for any model the customer requires. Bill Jensen adds, “Time to market is back and we have the software, talent and platform to make your Android product a reality!”

The Solution Center for Android is accessible immediately.

About Adaptive Digital Technologies
Adaptive Digital develops and licenses both Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms and custom solutions for VoIP, telephony, audio, and video applications. Adaptive Digital’s highly optimized DSP Algorithms/Solutions include network, line, and acoustic echo cancellation, high-density conferencing, speech compression, telephony, and voice quality algorithms. Recognized internationally for its quality software, Adaptive Digital’s customers include British Telecom, Cisco Systems Inc., Cantata Technology, Digium®, General Dynamics, Motorola, Northrop Grumman, Sonus, and Texas Instruments. Adaptive Digital is also a member of the Texas Instruments’ Third Party Developer Network and is located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA).