dPict Imaging Launches Nexeon HD Xtra Video Frame Grabber

dPict Imaging announced the Nexeon HD Xtra, a full-featured PCI Express video frame grabber for high-resolution HDTV video inputs. Nexeon HD Xtra adds support for the high-definition Serial Digital Interface (SDI) standard. In addition to SDI, Nexeon HD Xtra supports digital HDMI or analog YPrPb format video inputs, and supports display and capture from HDTV sources up to 1080i and VGA display sources up to 1280×1024.

dPict Imaging Nexeon HD Xtra HD Video Frame GrabberNexeon HD Xtra comes equipped with a Texas Instruments DM642 video processor and 64 MB of on-board frame buffer memory, allowing for reliable capture and transmission of video data. Video data can be transferred to system or display memory without CPU intervention and can be formatted to several pixel formats. The DM642 processor along with an optimized FPGA pre-processor, provide the ultimate in flexibility for image-processing functions.

“With the addition of SDI to the Nexeon HD Xtra, dPict Imaging gives customers further flexibility in their choice of HD video inputs and camera models”, says Brian Pinto, Director of Sales for dPict Imaging. “With a nominal date rate of 2.97 Gbits/sec, SDI is very well adapted to the transmission of HD video over longer distances using standard coaxial cable. Customers now have a single board, the Nexeon HD Xtra, for HDMI, DVI and SDI.”

dVeloper Foundation SDK
Nexeon HD Xtra is controlled through a comprehensive API that is common to all dPict Imaging products. Extensive documentation and sample code for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and .NET, as well as excellent technical support ensure successful application development.

Nexeon HD Xtra Features

  • Real-time viewing and capture of HDTV inputs up to 1080i
  • Supports digital HD SDI or HDMI inputs
  • Supports analog HDTV component YPrPb inputs
  • Automatic digital camera synchronization
  • SDI passthrough output
  • General-purpose I/O triggers
  • Free dPiction Windows-based display and capture application

About dPict Imaging, Inc.
dPict Imaging, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of PC-based video acquisition products and development software for the machine vision, medical imaging, image analysis, and security applications. dPict Imaging, Inc. is a privately held company based in Indianapolis, IN, USA.