Elektrobit Optimizes ECU, HMI Solutions for Freescale Microcontrollers

EB (Elektrobit), a leading developer of cutting-edge embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, and the semiconductor manufacturer Freescale Semiconductor Inc. have harmonized their software and microcontrollers. Both EB’s standard software for electronic control units as well as EB’s HMI and navigation software solutions have been optimized for Freescale microcontrollers.

“The complementary software/microcontroller packages allow application software to be efficiently designed without having to optimize it for each specific application.” says Ray Cornyn, director for Automotive Microcontroller products at Freescale Semiconductor. The solutions have been developed by both companies in close cooperation.

Turnkey AUTOSAR Implementation for Electronic Control Units
EB and Freescale signed a reseller agreement on AUTOSAR-compatible products earlier this year and as part of this agreement, EB and Freescale provide a ready to use AUTOSAR solution for the EB tresos product family, which is EB’s control unit standard software. The companies contribute their specific core competencies to this cooperation: EB provides the EB tresos Studio configuration tool and hardware independent modules. Freescale supplies the hardware dependent AUTOSAR elements. To achieve this, processes and workflows of both partners have been closely matched to each other so that the customers of each company can use an AUTOSAR solution which has been optimized for Freescale microcontrollers.

Advanced User Interfaces thanks to OpenVG and OpenGL
The i.MX51-series processor impresses with its OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware acceleration and is used as a reference platform for the EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework (GTF). The EB GUIDE Target Framework has been optimized in such a way that it supports instrument clusters as well as i.MX-based complex infotainment systems. When developing complex HMI applications, the interaction between microcontrollers and software reveals its strengths in fast sample applications where graphics calculations are performed by hardware.

The software/microcontroller package supports all major operating systems (Windows CE, Linux, QNX).

High Performance 3D Navigation Using Freescale Silicon
Powerful processing of 3D data enables attractive three-dimensional representations in the EB street director white label software, which has been ported to and optimized for, Freescale i.MX microcontrollers. In addition to elevation information and landmarks, calculation of entire city models is now available. Satellite images can be mapped onto elevation models and shading (i.e. emulating surface response) can be implemented thanks to the well-balanced combination of microcontroller and software.

EB GUIDE GTF 2.5 and EB street director 5.x are currently available for the Freescale i.MX51-series processor. EB tresos supports various microcontrollers in the MPC56xx and S12(X) families.

EB, Elektrobit Corporation
EB develops advanced technology and transforms it into enriching end user experiences. EB specializes in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for the automotive industry and wireless technologies. The company’s net sales for the year 2008 totaled EUR 172.3 million. Elektrobit Corporation is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

EB’s Automotive Software Business
EB’s Automotive Software Business has established itself internationally as one of the most important suppliers of embedded software solutions for the automotive industry. In addition to the development of innovative products, it also specializes in services and consulting for the automotive industry, supplying implementations of serial software solutions for a broad range of AUTOSAR and FlexRay, Infotainment, Navigation, HMI and Driver Assistance systems.