Bertin polyXene OS Receives EAL5 ISO/IEC 15408 Security Certification

Bertin Technologies, a developer of innovative high technology systems, has been granted ISO/IEC 15408 security certification at Evaluation Assurance Level 5 (EAL 5) for its polyXene operating system, which incorporates virtualization technology from VirtualLogix, both companies announced. The certification, an internationally recognized standard, ensures that the polyXene operating system can achieve a high level of security in a wide range of IT applications.

As a consequence, Bertin and VirtualLogix have formed a strategic partnership to address the defense and homeland security markets in Europe with Bertin’s virtualization-based polyXene operating system. The certification ensures customers that the software solution can be used with confidence and ease-of-use in the most demanding IT security applications. Moreover, polyXene will enable customers to lower their total cost of ownership by notably reducing hardware requirements.

The ISO/IEC security certification, also known as the Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluations, provides a broad range of evaluation criteria for many types of commercial and nationally sensitive government-use IT security products. It was developed by national security organizations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany and The Netherlands, and is recognized by numerous other countries. The ISO/IEC 15408 standard lists seven levels, with EAL 1 being the most basic and EAL 7 being the most stringent.

Bertin’s polyXene uses virtualization technology from VirtualLogix to execute several operating systems, isolated from each other, on a single computing system. It implements a highly secure and versatile architecture suitable to provide secluded access to different IT environments, thus overcoming the need for manual transfer of information between different systems. Bertin’s polyXene has been demonstrated on workstations, embedded devices and servers.

This strategic partnership leverages the successful results of the collaboration between Bertin Technologies and VirtualLogix initiated by the “Délégation Générale à l’Armement (DGA)” from the French Department of Defense. The aim of the initiative was to deliver a practical solution to meet the need for a highly-secure operating system.

Philippe Demigné, CEO of Bertin Technologies, praised the achievement that secured the Certified Confidence in Information Systems. “We are pleased to sign this agreement with VirtualLogix, whose VLX software platform is a leader in the virtualization market. VirtualLogix’s reputation and technical capability combined with our IT security expertise allow Bertin to offer secure operating system solutions in the growing defense and homeland security markets in Europe,” said Demigné.

Glenda Dorchak, CEO of VirtualLogix, said, “We’re pleased to have met the very high security standards required by the Security Evaluation System of France. It validates our VLX virtualization technology as a trustworthy foundation to building high-grade security solutions for Bertin.”

About VirtualLogix
VirtualLogix®, Inc. is the global leader in Real-Time Virtualization software technology for mobile products including wireless handsets. VirtualLogix’s flagship product, VLX, enables multiple operating system environments to run concurrently on shared hardware for both Intel and ARM-based solutions. VLX delivers isolation technology and virtualization that improves power management, performance, application independence, fault tolerance and security options, which can be tailored to address specific market requirements. This enables developers to reduce R&D costs, accelerate adoption of the latest silicon solutions, improve time to market and deliver improved mobile device security. VirtualLogix is accelerating the availability and innovation in the next generation of wireless devices. VirtualLogix Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with operations in France, Japan, China, and Korea.

About Bertin Technologies
Focused on highly technology based innovative systems and expertise, Bertin Technologies, a subsidiary of CNIM (Euronext – ISIN FR0000053399), addresses performance, competitiveness and security challenges of its customers. In 2008, Bertin Technologies counting more than 500 persons among which 400 engineers, has reached a turnover of 60 M€ with more than one third dedicated to Defense and Homeland Security markets. Within its Information Security Systems activity, Bertin Technologies can rely on more than 30 IT expert engineers in networks, embedded systems, cryptography, virtualization and information security systems.