RadiSys Reveals ATCA 4.0 Initiative for AdvancedTCA Products

RadiSys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading global provider of embedded computing solutions for telecommunications and other industries, announced the RadiSys ATCA 4.0 initiative, the company’s 4th generation of AdvancedTCA (ATCA) products that are designed to support the next generation of high bandwidth applications. A first in the marketplace, this fully integrated platform features the latest technology in the industry, incorporating a 10GBASE-KR and 40GBASE-KR4 capable backplane and 40G switching capability. As Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) focus on building next generation network elements, including 4G and Broadband, the RadiSys ATCA 4.0 platform will provide them with the next generation switching, power and cooling that they require.

“As the proven leader in ATCA platform deployments, RadiSys understands the time to market pressures that our TEM customers face in the next generation mobile infrastructure market, and the technical and product decisions that they need to make now to stay in front of the market,” said Anthony Ambrose, Vice President and General Manager, Communications Networks, RadiSys. “Our 4th generation 40G platform announcement reinforces our technology leadership that we delivered in our 3rd generation 10G platform, and demonstrates how we anticipate customers’ future requirements better than any other company.”

The ATCA 4.0 40G platform follows on the heels of the 3rd generation of market-proven RadiSys platforms that enable 10G applications. The overall demand for higher bandwidth mobile data and video services continues to sustain steady growth in 3G markets, and this demand will accelerate as mobile networks deploy broadband access speeds. TEMs striving to meet this demand for 3G services and laying the groundwork for 4G networks can leverage RadiSys’ ATCA 4.0 platform solution. It is a fully backwards compatible solution, thus protecting the customer’s current investment in 3G networks, while ensuring a smooth and economical transition to the ATCA 4G environment.

“With 3G, we have already seen a fundamental shift from wireline to wireless services. The next major shift in communication technology will be to high speed Internet and data access on mobile devices, driven by next generation mobile radio access and packetized core networks,” said Lee Doyle, Vice President and General Manager, Network Infrastructure, IDC. “Mobility will become the number one driver of Internet usage and video services going forward and the RadiSys ATCA 4.0 platform is well positioned to provide the flexibility, scalability and performance to meet current, and future, mobile subscriber demands.”

The next generation platform builds on RadiSys’ existing success with 10G applications and infrastructure with deployed applications such as 3G wireless, IMS, IPTV and miscellaneous gateways. Platform integration has been a key benefit that helps RadiSys’ current customers achieve a rapid time-to-market. The ATCA 4.0 platform will continue to build on the level of integration available in the existing generation of products. In addition to the complete and comprehensive platform validation including backplane and thermal validations with the 40G switch and chassis, the 4.0 platform also includes software integration including switch management, Linux and middleware. With ATCA 4.0, RadiSys is extending its 10G platform leadership in the market and providing a smooth path to fully integrated 40G platforms.

About RadiSys ATCA 4.0
RadiSys ATCA 4.0 products provide the highest scalability and density possible in an ATCA form factor with a 4x performance improvement in both switching and processing capabilities over 10G components. These 4th generation ATCA platforms combine a 40G chassis, a 40G switch and other 10G and 40G assets in a pre-integrated platform that enables the deployment of next generation 4G applications. The 40G chassis includes enhanced per-slot power and cooling capability along with true 40G backplane connectivity. The 40G switch with field-proven switch management software provides increased I/O density and native 40G switching to the node slots. The reuse of the switch management software will provide consistent API access, thereby providing reuse of any development with the existing 10G switch. Additionally, RadiSys will be expanding the switch management capabilities to include a “node router” which enables the elimination of a stand-alone router that would typically provide connectivity between an edge device and the transport network. RadiSys’ investments today in next generation ATCA products ensures a smooth transition for customers from 10G products to 40G, protecting their investment in ATCA.

About RadiSys Corporation
RadiSys (NASDAQ: RSYS) is a leading provider of advanced solutions for 3G/3.5G/4G/WiMax mobile networks, networking and commercial systems markets. Through intimate customer collaboration and combining innovative technologies and industry-leading architecture, RadiSys helps OEMs, systems integrators and solution providers bring better products to market faster and more economically. RadiSys products include embedded boards, application-enabling platforms and turn-key systems, which are used in today’s complex computing, processing and network intensive applications. For more information, write to info@radisys.com, or call 800-950-0044 or 503-615-1100.

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