Thermoelectric Assemblies and Modules for Industrial Applications

Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of customized, performance-critical components for wireless systems and other advanced electronics applications, announced the release of its newest application note titled “Thermoelectric Assemblies and Modules for Industrial Applications.” This application note is the third in a series of notes describing the role of Thermal Management in numerous market segments.

The application note describes why Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs) and Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) are ideal thermal management solutions for many industrial applications such as digital color printing presses, thermal imaging cameras, Charged Couple Device (CCD) cameras, Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers, Re-circulating chillers, hygrometers, and thermal test sockets. A wide range of small-and medium-sized heat pumping TEAs and TEMs handle most industrial device requirements including temperature regulation of laser systems and stabilization of sensitive instruments with the use of temperature controllers.

TEAs and TEMs are ideal solutions because of their efficiency, reliability, accuracy, compact design, quietness, and easy installation. The TEA’s and TEM’s solid-state construction provides advantages in reliability, installation, vibration, and maintenance.

In today’s complex industrial operating environment, TEAs and TEMs are necessary to provide precise temperature control via cooling and heating in a variety of modular platforms. Their advanced capabilities are aided by new material technologies, thinner profiles, and automated assembly. Combining these special benefits make TEAs and TEMs the only effective solution for many industrial thermal management applications by offering greater performance, higher reliability, and low cost of ownership.

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Laird Technologies designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical products for wireless and other advanced electronics applications. The company is a global market leader in the design and supply of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, thermal management products, mechanical actuation systems, signal integrity components, and wireless antennae solutions, as well as radio frequency (RF) modules and systems. Custom products are supplied to all sectors of the electronics industry including the handset, telecommunications, data transfer and information technology, automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer, medical, and industrial markets. Laird Technologies, a unit of Laird PLC, employs over 10,000 employees in more than 39 facilities located in 13 countries.

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