Live EDGE Electronic Design for Global Environment Scholarships Winners

element14, a new online technology resource and community for electronic design engineers, announces twelve Live EDGE Electronic Design for the Global Environment scholarships winners. Each winner will receive equal portions of the $30,000 USD prize money to further their education in electrical and electronics engineering. The winners of the Live EDGE Scholarship, subject to verification of their student status, are as follows:

Jeffery Ranew – Guyton, Georgia
Meng AI – Los Angeles, California
Rudi Skaf – Lansdale, Philadelphia
Shaun Lee – Vancouver, British Colombia

Andrew Nelless – Woking, UK
Armin Axel Brugger – Purkersdorf, Austria
Hector Castaneda – London, UK
Uthishtan Ranjan – Loughton, UK

Asia Pacific
Aashiv Vij – Amritsar, India
Abde Ali Kagalwalla – Bhopa, India
Tian Li – Beijing, China
Yin Quan Teo – Singapore

The prize money has been evenly distributed between Asia, Europe and the Americas, allotting $2,500 for each student. The funds to support this scholarship were made possible from the Live EDGE challenge in keeping with Premier Farnell’s commitment to making a difference to the future of electronic design engineering and encouraging students to study electronic engineering with a view of benefiting the world in which we live.

More information: Live EDGE Challenge