Numonyx Rolls Out eMMC for Automotive Infotainment Applications

In an industry address at the Embedded Systems Conference, the head of the embedded business for Numonyx B.V. pressed the industry to look to the memory subsystem for ways to simplify and speed their designs. Doing so would help provide a critical cost and time advantage, and stimulate further innovation in the embedded segment. Also, Numonyx reaffirmed its commitment to embedded customers with the introduction of a new product designed to bring flexible, high-quality, standardized and reliable flash memory solutions to the growing market segment for auto infotainment applications.

Numonyx is announcing the initial availability of its eMMC solution for the automotive market, addressing the fast-growing demand for vehicle infotainment applications. This helps extend the broad array of Numonyx memory products designed for the rigorous code and data reliability needs of the automotive market segment.

“The message is simple: memory matters,“ said Glen Hawk, vice president and general manager of the Embedded Business Group at Numonyx during his keynote. “Often times, the memory subsystem is one of the last places designers look to improve the overall system performance, simplify design and speed time-to-market but that can be a costly mistake. By making smart choices about memory technology early in the lifecycle, customers are able to realize efficiencies in engineering investments downstream like firmware and software complexity, which can become a critical to bringing new products to market in a timely way.”

Hawk went on to explain how with the industry’s help – through partnerships and collaboration – the embedded segment can become a model for innovation. “While the memory technology and expertise play a significant role, innovation rarely comes from a single source. The industry needs vehicles like reference designs and partnerships to move forward at a rapid pace. We believe our product and technology portfolio – including today’s introduction – provides a great starting point.”

In the Driver’s Seat
With the introduction of eMMC for Automotive, Numonyx is bringing its expertise to the growing market segment for auto infotainment applications, including navigation systems, satellite radio, car stereo and DVD systems, voice recognition, telematics and multimedia. As these advanced features increasingly become standard offerings on vehicles rolling off assembly lines, demand from automotive suppliers for flexible, high-quality, standardized and reliable flash memory solutions are rapidly increasing.

Automotive applications demand the highest standards for both electrical and physical specifications and Numonyx has responded with a standard eMMC product with key differentiating factors designed specifically for these automotive applications. The eMMC for Automotive solutions include advanced electrical and temperature screening to deliver performance, high quality and reliability at temperature range of -40C to +85C, aligned with automotive grade and AEC-Q100 key requirements.

To improve the robustness and resistance to mechanical vibration, the Numonyx eMMC products are available in a BGA 100 package with 1mm ball pitch to provide even greater device reliability and to comply with automotive expectations. Meeting the growing need for environmentally friendly solutions, the Numonyx eMMC products use materials that meet the RoHS requirements.

The Numonyx eMMC architecture is comprised of an embedded storage solution with multi-media card interface, flash memory device and host controller – all in a small BGA package. With interface speeds of up to 52MB per second, Numonyx eMMC provides fast and scalable performance, while allowing for an interface voltage of either 1.8V or 3.3V. All Numonyx eMMC solutions are based on the MMCA/JEDEC industry standard.

Numonyx is engaged with many of the world’s leading auto components suppliers to deliver automotive-qualified samples now with full production before the end of the year.

About Numonyx
Numonyx designs and manufactures a full complement of integrated NOR, NAND, RAM and Phase Change non-volatile memory technologies and products to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers in the cellular, data and embedded markets. Numonyx combines the technology and manufacturing expertise of the flash memory divisions of Intel Corporation and STMicroelectronics, and is dedicated to providing high density, low power memory technologies and packaging solutions to a global base of customers.