AllGo Systems, Kat Digital Join Android on MIPS Initiative Program

MIPS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MIPS), a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for digital consumer, home networking, wireless, communications and business applications, welcomed two new companies to the ecosystem supporting its initiative to drive the revolutionary Android[tm] platform into a broad range of consumer electronic devices including set-top boxes, DTV, home media players, VoIP solutions and mobile internet devices (MIDs). Kat Digital Corp. (KatDC) and AllGo Systems are bringing unique multimedia technologies and expertise to bear on these efforts.

Since Android was originally targeted for mobile handsets, functionality doesn’t exactly match the requirements of other consumer electronic devices such as DTVs and set-top boxes. Much of the functionality must be extended to handle different feature sets and usage models. MIPS Technologies is taking a lead in overcoming these challenges, and together with its ecosystem partners, is making significant progress. To these efforts, AllGo brings engineering expertise in multimedia codec integration into Android to address the limited multimedia support currently available for Android. KatDC brings a full user interface and application platform for Android that will enable customers to quickly develop a rich UI for the large screens found in Android on MIPS-Based digital home products. In addition, the KatDC solution brings a framework for multimedia, networking and DLNA functionality to the platform.

“MIPS is committed to making Android a viable platform that will enable the next generation of connected multimedia devices,” said Art Swift, vice president of marketing, MIPS Technologies. “The work of AllGo, KatDC and other Android on MIPS ecosystem partners, combined with our ongoing work on creating reference platforms and optimizing underlying technologies, brings us ever closer to widespread deployment of Android-based devices in the digital home and beyond.”

“As we leverage our experience and success in embedded Linux-based consumer electronics to help drive Android into new market segments, we are pleased to team with MIPS, the leading provider of processor cores for digital home devices,” said Kyo Li, co-founder and chief architect, KatDC. “With our unique technologies, MIPS developers can customize the way in which graphical user interfaces are presented. We are also offering new features and functionality for Android, including DLNA, 3D GUI and multi-touch.”

“MIPS is the premier processor vendor for the digital home, and clearly an important ally for us as we support Android in applications beyond the mobile handset,” said K Srinivasan, CEO, AllGo Systems. “We already ported the latest version of MIPS’ Android code to RMI Corp.’s MIPS-based Home Media Player, integrated the Android media framework with its media codecs and demonstrated a WVGA video playback with audio. We look forward to becoming an engineering partner for MIPS licensees and developers, providing the multimedia codec and framework integration expertise they need to get their Android on MIPS products to market quickly and easily.”

AllGo Systems provides customized Android software development kits (SDKs) targeted for devices such as digital picture frames, portable media players, portable navigation devices, MIDs and set-top boxes, supported by a dedicated team of engineers. As an ecosystem partner for Android on MIPS, AllGo offers engineering expertise in multiple areas with a focus on optimized integration of hardware-accelerated multimedia and software codecs beyond the codecs currently supported for Android. With an expanded library of codecs and market specific Android application extensions, customers will have more options for creating a full multimedia experience in Android-based products — including high definition video displays.

KatDC offers embedded Linux and Android-based UI and application solutions for portable and digital home products. With KatDC, developers can customize television applications and user interfaces for Android on MIPS-Based products. KatDC brings a big screen experience to Android on MIPS, along with capabilities such as support for remote control — creating an Android interface for the digital living room. KatDC’s Katdroid® 2D/3D UI library and extended function modules for Android include UI framework support for the Dalvik virtual machine and OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, skinnable UI styling and reusable patterns, and scalable UI resolution. The company offers an integrated core library; glued middleware API with multimedia, network and control features; and extendable middleware modules for player, streaming, DLNA, touch control, gesture, IME and more.

About Android on MIPS
Leveraging its leadership position in the digital home, MIPS Technologies is spearheading efforts to make Android a reality for a broad range of consumer electronic devices. With Android and the dynamic open source development community around it, developers can easily and quickly create new applications, and OEMs can leverage a fast-growing set of applications. The MIPS® ecosystem around Android, including solutions from companies such as AllGo Systems, D2 Technologies, KatDC, Mentor Graphics Corporation and Viosoft Corporation, enables OEMs to quickly optimize Android for their specific platforms and debug their solutions across the entire software stack.