Samplify Systems Unveils Ultrasound Reference Design for SAM1600 ADC

Samplify Systems, Inc., a next generation mixed-signal semiconductor company, announces availability of a reference design, for the ultrasound market, based on the company’s award-winning SAM1600 family of analog-to-digital converters, (ADCs) and the company’s Prism(TM) compression technology. SAM1600 compressing ADCs enable OEMs to reduce data bottlenecks in sophisticated ultrasound machines and more quickly, and cost effectively develop both basic black and white, as well as advanced color mode equipment.

“This reference design, really simplifies the design-in process for our SAM1600 family of ADCs,” says Richard Tobias, VP Engineering at Samplify. “With this design we have proven the best-in-class power and performance of the SAM1600 and enable ultrasound OEMs to accelerate development of their next generation black and white and color mode systems.”

Samplify’s SAM1600 devices are the first production available ADCs to provide 16 independent analog channels, at an industry leading power consumption of 44 mW per channel. Samplify’s reference design includes the entire ultrasound receive chain, including front-end amplifiers and continuous-wave Doppler processing for 32 analog input channels. The reference design provides the industry’s lowest power consumption of 100 mW per channel while delivering up to 6 dB higher dynamic range than competing integrated LNA/VGA/ADC solutions. The high-channel density of the SAM1600 family enables the design to be approximately one-third smaller than current customer designs. LVDS outputs allow for simultaneous capture of data from all 32 channels by standard FPGA development boards, using a provided graphical user interface.

Pricing and Availability
The reference design is available today from Samplify Systems and its global distribution partners, and will be on display at Booth 1026 at the Embedded Systems Conference held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. Cost for the reference design is $1950.00. Samplify provides schematics and gerber files at no charge to SAM1600 family customers. Call 1 800 LESS-BITS or email for more information.

About Samplify Systems
Samplify Systems, Inc. is a fabless mixed-signal semiconductor company that combines high performance analog with sophisticated digital processing to deliver a new class of intelligent data converters. Samplify provides the only real-time lossless and lossy compression solutions for high-speed sampled data systems. Delivering simply the bits that matter(R), Samplify’s Prism(TM) compression technology turbo-charges the I/O subsystem of Samplify data converters, reducing bandwidth and storage bottlenecks in DSP systems without the power, area, and cost of brute-force hardware solutions. Samplify targets real-time embedded applications in medical imaging, wireless, defense, communications, and industrial markets. Samplify Systems is a privately held company based in Santa Clara, CA with over $11M in investment from Charles River Ventures and Formative Ventures.

Prism is a trademark and simply the bits that matter is a registered trademark of Samplify Systems.