Aeroflex Announces LTE Measurement Capabilities to PXI 3000 Platform

Aeroflex, the leading global provider of Long Term Evolution (LTE) test equipment, has announced it has added new LTE measurement capabilities to its flexible, modular PXI 3000 platform. This latest addition enables production test engineers to achieve faster time-to-volume for RF components and LTE user equipment. The new solution leverages itself on Aeroflex’s track record in LTE testing for R&D and the proven yield and throughput benefits of the PXI 3000 Series platform in mobile handset manufacturing.

Aeroflex PXI platform with LTE measurement capabilities Aeroflex’s new measurement suite option for the PXI 3000 allows production test system engineers to use low-cost modular PXI equipment to characterise LTE terminals, chipsets and RF components. LTE terminals will feature the co-existence of LTE with legacy standards in the same device. Support for multiple cellular standards in a single test platform is key to improving production yield and reducing test times.

The new measurement suite is complemented by the new LTE waveform generation capabilities of Aeroflex’s IQCreator® software, which supports the PXI 3000 Series as well as the Aeroflex 3410 Series of bench-top digital RF signal generators, making them ideal for LTE RF component test.

“The new LTE test support for the PXI 3000 Series further strengthens Aeroflex’s LTE test offering and complements our other test platforms such as the 3410 and 7100, enabling the fastest path from R&D to low-cost manufacturing test and providing reduced risk in achieving the best time-to-volume,” said Tim Carey, PXI Product Manager at Aeroflex.

Aeroflex’s PXI 3000 and 7100 platforms share much in common, simplifying the migration from R&D to manufacturing. The same software algorithms underpin both platforms and comparable RF performance is achieved, so equipment used by R&D engineers will give results that correlate very well with measurements in the factory. This can eliminate delays that occur when a range of instrument types behave differently and require time-consuming troubleshooting to overcome the discrepancies.

Upcoming deployments of LTE networks around the world and a strong forecast in consumer demand for 4G services mean the ramp-to-volume manufacturing must be supported by a flexible test solution that will strengthen production output. The PXI 3000 platform achieves this by reducing test times and costs, enabling future capacity expansions while maintaining performance and accuracy levels comparable to that of the R&D system.

The leading products in the Aeroflex LTE product portfolio will be showcased in booth 110 of the 4G World exhibit in Chicago, USA on 16th and 17th September 2009.

About the LTE FDD measurement suite
The new LTE FDD measurement suite for the PXI 3000 Series enables characterisation of LTE FDD signals in accordance with the requirements outlined in 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 8. This allows LTE analysis of the single-carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) uplink and Aeroflex will soon be adding OFDMA downlink support as well. In addition to numerical measurement results, the measurement suite provides trace displays for spectrum emission mask (SEM), complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF), constellation plots, error-vector magnitude (EVM) vs. carrier, and EVM vs. symbol. Capabilities expand across the entire range of possible frequencies and bandwidths, from 1.4MHz to 20MHz, when used with any of Aeroflex’s PXI modules.

About IQCreator version 8.10
IQCreator® is a Windows® -based software application that enables a user to set up a modulation scheme and create an ARB file for use in conjunction with the PXI 3020 Series modular signal generators and the 3410 Series bench-top digital RF signal generators. IQCreator®version 8.10 adds complete LTE FDD support for the PXI 3000 Series RF modular instrument and 3410 Series digital signal generators enabling uplink and downlink LTE stimulus response measurements on components used in LTE based products.

IQCreator® version 8.10 is now available and can be downloaded from the Aeroflex website. Version 8.10 of IQCreator® is shipping now with all new 3020 Series PXI signal generator modules fitted with option 100.

To arrange a demonstration of the new LTE FDD measurement suite for the PXI 3000 Series contact your Aeroflex sales representative at

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