Aeroflex Debuts Internal Pulse Generator for 2023A Signal Generators

Aeroflex has announced the addition of an internal pulse generator option for the 2023A Series signal generator. This new option greatly facilitates testing in EMC and radar applications by providing an integrated solution that removes the need for an external pulse generator and simplifies test procedures. In addition, Aeroflex has enhanced the instrument’s internal modulation oscillator to extend its stimulus capabilities.

Aeroflex internal pulse generator option for the 2023A Series signal generator2023A Series pulse modulation capability
The new pulse generator option, with a minimum pulse width of 50ns and maximum PRF of 10MHz, works with both pulse modulators available for the 2023A Series signal generators. The standard pulse modulator provides an on/off ratio of >45dB with rise/fall times of <10ms and operates over the carrier frequency range from 32MHz to the instrument’s maximum frequency. The instrument’s fast pulse modulator option, which is specified from 100kHz to the instrument’s maximum frequency, operates down to 9kHz, making it ideal for EMC applications. The fast pulse modulator provides an on/off ratio of >80dB with rise/fall times of typically 10ns, suiting the requirements of radar applications. Adding the pulse generator option makes the 2023A Series signal generator a complete solution for both the EMC and radar applications.

Aeroflex has also enhanced the 2023A Series’ standard internal modulation oscillator, offering modulating frequencies up to 100kHz and providing a “function generator” mode in which the user can control LF output level as well as frequency. Effectively creating two instruments in one, the function generator mode extends the 2023A Series ability to provide stimulus for audio devices and sub-assemblies while simultaneously generating an unmodulated RF carrier.

About the 2023A Series signal generator
With a host of standard features, the 2023A Series serves as a globally accepted and comprehensive signal generator. It is built upon many decades of Aeroflex’s expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative signal generators. The 2023A is competitively priced and offers great value for the money. The Series includes these features:

  • Wide frequency coverage: 9kHz to 1.2GHz – 2023A
    • Includes the 2023B (9kHz to 2.05GHz) and 2025 (9kHz to 2.51GHz)
  • SSB phase noise –121dBc/Hz at 1GHz, 20kHz offset
  • Low spurious content
  • Linear and logarithmic sweep mode
  • Sine, triangle and square wave modulation tones up to 100kHz
  • AM, FM, PM, FSK, Pulse modulation
  • Optional high output power up to +25dBm
  • Class leading VSWR
  • Optional fast pulse modulator from 9kHz to 2.51GHz
    • 80dB on/off ratio
    • 10ns rise/fall times
  • Optional pulse generator
    • min. 50ns pulse width
    • up to 10MHz PRF
  • Optional SINAD measurement
  • Optional DC power supply input

Pricing and availability
The 2023A Series signal generator with the new internal pulse generator option is currently available with delivery 3 weeks upon receipt of order. For details on price, contact your local Aeroflex sales representative or e-mail

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