Moxa Debuts ioLogik E1200 Ethernet I/O for Distributed Data Acquisition

Moxa launches the ioLogik E1200 series of remote Ethernet I/Os, which come with 2 embedded Ethernet switch ports to enable a daisy-chain topology. This topology is an easy way to add more Ethernet devices into a network, or to connect each ioLogik in series to the next. Compared with the traditional star-based Ethernet network, the daisy-chain topology saves implementation costs such as switches, wiring, as well as labor costs; making the E1200 ideal for distributed data acquisition systems.

Moxa ioLogik E1200 series of remote Ethernet I/Os with 2 embedded Ethernet switch ports to enable a daisy-chain topologyMoxa’s Active OPC Server, with its “active” communication technology, enables the ioLogik to be conveniently integrated to SCADA systems, and the user-definable Modbus address allows for the easy upgrading of existing systems.

Using Moxa’s free Active OPC Server, the ioLogik can use active (or “push”) communication with HMI/SCADA systems to provide instant I/O status reports by “Active Tags.” With these event-driven active tags, the I/O response time is 7 times faster than any other OPC Server and the network traffic is reduced by 80%.

To make it easier for users to upgrade their existing systems, the ioLogik E1200 offers excellent flexibility with user-definable Modbus/TCP addressing, and there is no need to painstakingly specify the Modbus addresses of the input and output channels. The ioLogik E1200 is compatible with all other Modbus/TCP devices.


  • Built-in 2-port Ethernet switch for daisy-chain topology
  • Multiple digital input/output/relay and analog input models available
  • Free use of Moxa’s push-based Active OPC Server Lite software
  • User-definable Modbus/TCP addressing
  • MXIO programming library for Windows, WinCE VB/VC.NET, and Linux C APIs
  • Web configuration with import/export functions

More info: Moxa