Aeroflex Debuts Version of 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set

Aeroflex has announced new software version for the Aeroflex 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set. Included in this release are a number of enhancements and support for the rapidly expanding digital land mobile radio test market across the globe. “The Aeroflex 3900 Series is now the worldwide leader in radio test sets for land mobile radio applications,” said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing for Aeroflex. “With this release, Aeroflex supports the widest range of digital and analog radio technologies used around the world. While new digital radio test features are an important aspect of this test system, Aeroflex has also increased the usability and simplicity of the test set by adding support for simplified Chinese and expanding the automated test features.”

With release, the 3900 Series supports the widest available range of tests for digital radio technologies including options for P25, TETRA, HPD®, NXDN[tm] , MOTOTRBO[tm] (DMR), dPMR (ETSI 102-490) and Japan’s ARIB T98 standard as well as analog technologies. The software includes advanced test capabilities for a wide range of new features including off air monitor software for P25 message logging, enhanced SmartNet[tm] /SmartZone[tm] trunking with analog voice channel handoff and a new audio tracking generator function for the audio analyzer to allow swept measurements and audio circuit response curves. An improved DMR (MOTOTRBO[tm] ) system includes the addition of new transmitter patterns and advanced analysis functionality. The software updates also enable parametric measurements for the digital dPMR radio systems and digital test modes for NXDN[tm] radios and the Japanese ARIB T98 standard.

The Chinese User Interface was a joint development of Aeroflex’s operations in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai and the development team in Wichita, KS.

All the above options for the Aeroflex 3920 are software upgrades that can be performed in the field.

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