Cirque Partners with Ocular on Crystal TouchT Display Screens

Cirque Corporation, the inventor of the first commercially successful capacitive touchpad and a subsidiary of ALPS Electric, has formed a strategic relationship with Ocular, Inc., the leader in advanced display-centric solutions. Cirque and Ocular are working together to advance the state-of-the-art of touch display screens. As a first step, Ocular has incorporated Cirque’s capacitive touch controller into its Crystal TouchT line of capacitive touch screens.

“We are very excited about working with Cirque and utilizing its innovative touch technology in our Crystal TouchT display screens,” said Phil Spivey, president and CEO of Ocular. “Aligning our company with another industry leader like Cirque strengthens the leading position Crystal TouchT has already achieved in capacitive touch screens. We’re aggressively advancing capacitive touch screen technology by introducing large screens to the industry and by adding gesturing user interface capabilities. Cirque’s touch controller technology has been instrumental in our achievements and we look forward to continuing this strategic relationship.”

With sizes up to 10.1-in., Ocular’s Crystal TouchT is the industry’s most extensive line of projected capacitance touch screens. Crystal TouchT display screens are made of durable glass and feature bright, clear optics. Thanks to Cirque’s capacitive touch controller, Crystal TouchT screens are easy to use and provide smooth and responsive advanced gesture (AG) input.

Projected capacitance technology is ideal for a variety of applications, from new device types like netbooks and mobile Internet devices (MID), to industrial and medical systems, consumer electronics and other sorts of applications. The durable glass of capacitive touch screens is immune to scratching and contaminants in the environment and the screens can be cleaned with caustic chemicals. Crystal TouchT screens will work with a bare or gloved hand and they operate over the extended industrial temperature range. Because the screen is constructed of glass, it will not deform over time and provides maximum optical clarity.

Cirque Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT, is a pioneer in touch technology. Cirque produced the first commercially successful touchpad for both retail and notebook computers, and it continues to expand the envelope of what is possible with capacitive touch technology. Cirque is a subsidiary of ALPS Electric, the Tokyo-based world leader in electronic component manufacturing.

With its headquarters and design center in Richardson, Texas, and three company-owned manufacturing facilities in China, Ocular has been developing, designing, and manufacturing advanced LCD technology, touch screens and display system solutions for more than two decades.

“We look forward to the opportunity to work with Ocular on its Crystal TouchT product line and on various customer applications,” said Douglas Moore, vice president of Cirque Input Solutions. “Our advanced capacitive touch controller combined with Ocular’s advanced display screens makes the Crystal TouchT line the leader in capacitive touch display screens. With Ocular’s recent announcements of large capacitive touch screens for the industry and gesturing capabilities, it is obvious that Ocular continues to strengthen their leadership in this space.”

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