AVIX-RT Launches AVIX RTOS Version 3.1

AVIX-RT releases version 3.1 of its AVIX RTOS offering a performance no competing product can meet. Building on the unmatched interrupt handling capabilities of its predecessor this new version 3.1 offers even more flexible integration between interrupt handlers and application threads. The ease with which AVIX allows interrupts to be integrated in your application is unmatched by any competing product.

AVIX is a Zero Latency RTOS meaning it never disables interrupts. As a result, when using AVIX, interrupt latency equals that of the underlying hardware leading to a deterministic and dependable system. In contradiction with many competing products also claiming Zero Latency interrupt handling, AVIX interrupt handlers are allowed to use many system functions.

This new version 3.1 of AVIX comes with increased performance. According the open source Thread-Metric performance test, AVIX is the clear winner on five of the seven tests contained in this test suite. AVIX offers a software based system stack for exclusive use by interrupt handlers leading to a very significant reduction in the amount of RAM used by your application. An average application using the 32 bit version of AVIX uses ~10KB less RAM than is the case with many competing product.

For testing and validation, AVIX-32 offers Real Time Thread Activation Tracing, a non-intrusive mechanism showing the activation of threads real-time on a logic analyzer. This mechanism is usable both during development and in the end-product and offers unprecedented insight in your applications behavior.

Beside these unique features, AVIX offers everything you may expect from a modern RTOS like mutexes, semaphores, pipes, timers, message queues, event flags and memory support. All this functionality is accessible trough a user friendly and largely type safe API allowing programming errors to be found compile time instead of runtime.

AVIX is available for all 16 and 32 bit Microchip Microcontrollers and can be downloaded in a free demo distribution from the AVIX-RT website. AVIX is accompanied by a comprehensive user manual.

Headquartered in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, AVIX-RT develops and markets the most advanced RTOS for 16 and 32 bit Microchip Microcontrollers. For more information, AVIX-RT can be contacted by e-mail: info[at]avix-rt.com or phone: +31615285177, ask for Leon van Snippenberg. Detailed information about AVIX-RT and its products AVIX-16 and AVIX-32 can be found on the AVIX-RT website.

AVIX is a trademark of AVIX-RT.