Ethernet Direct HMG-448GE-CD Extended Temperature Gigabit Switch

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions, launches the HMG-448GE-CD, which is an enhanced version of Industrial Managed Gigabit switch that comes with extended operating temperature of -40 to 80 deg C especially designed for mission critical applications like in military, power and utilities, mining, and other areas with hazardous environments.

The Husky Series HMG-448GE-CD is an extremely powerful gigabit switch designed to be the best Industrial Extended Temperature 8-port Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch supporting four 10/100/1000T Ethernet ports and four small form pluggable (SFP) ports that support dual mode (100/1000) and Digital Monitoring Interface (DMI). The DMI technology in SFP enhances the digital interface which allows real-time access to device operating parameters. SFP supporting DMI is capable of real time monitoring of RX received optical power, TX output power, Laser Bias current, temperature, supply voltage, and wavelength. HMG-448GE-CD provides redundant self-recovery mechanism in less than 10ms on full load which allows you to establish a redundant Ethernet network to build a back-up ring topology. Dual Homing and Ring Coupling are supported to add reliability by allowing a device to be connected to be network by way of two independent connection points.

HMG-448GE-CD offers powerful network management functions including SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, Quality of Service, Class of Service, IGMP Snooping, LACP, DHCP, VLAN, RMON, Port Trunk, Port Mirror, User Authentication and IP Security. The HMG-448GE-CD is equipped with a terminal block to provide dual power inputs (12~48VDC and 18~30 VAC) with reverse polarity protection, 4000 VDC EFT and 8000 VDC ESD protection. The HMG-448GE-CD is a plug-and-play solution for your Industrial Ethernet applications compliant to Class.

HMG-448GE-CD Gigabit Switch Features

  • High Performance Network Switching Technology complying with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 802.1q, IEEE 802.1d, IEEE 802.1w, IEEE 802.1x, IEEE 802.3ad, IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.3ab
  • Redundant X-Ring recovery time < 10 ms on full load
  • Supports Dual Homing – RSTP over X-Ring and Ring Coupling
  • IGMP snooping for multicast traffic
  • QoS/ToS to increase network packet determinism
  • VLAN for easy network planning (port-based, Tag VLAN and GVRP)
  • Event notification by e-mail, SNMP trap, Syslog and Relay output
  • Online Port Mirroring for online debugging
  • Supports IP security, port security and login security
  • IntraVUE Network Management software compatible

In order to provide an infrastructure that will handle this increasing traffic, the need for a sophisticated Gigabit device is required at critical connections. Ethernet Direct offers rugged and reliable Gigabit Ethernet Switches that will provide years of reliable operation and able to handle your network loading in the future.

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