3SLDebuts Cradle-6.0 for Requirements Management, Systems Engineering

3SL®, a developer of innovative systems engineering products, announced the release of Cradle-6.0. Cradle-6.0 is unique. It provides a complete end-to-end solution for requirements management, model-based systems engineering, risk management and verification and validation (V&V) across the entire systems development lifecycle in a single product with a single User Interface.

Cradle ensures end-user requirements are met by tying them to the methods and implementation details throughout development. As changes are made, the application provides traceability to understand and record the effect of a change in requirements or technical functionality to the rest of the program. Cradle-6.0 dramatically simplifies the processes of modeling a project and showing the links between end-user requirements and the plans on how to implement them. The streamlined workflow makes Cradle even easier to use while reducing the time it takes to get new users up to speed and effective.

“Customers using the Beta version have been amazed at the new benefits and improvements in usability,” said Mark Walker, President of 3SL. “Making tools more intuitive and streamlining the steps for modeling projects leads to projects that are accurate, complete, on time and within budget.”

3SL is actively developing its next enhancement, a data cache to meet customers’ interoperability needs. The data cache project is based on the proposed CMIS standard intended to speed, secure and enhance data retrieval and increase interoperability with other applications. “While the proposed standard is still in its early stages, we are developing in-line with the predominate requirements,” stated David Izatt, 3SL’s Chief Software Architect. “Once released, it will provide an early proof point of the benefits derived from using this next generation, web services model.”

3SL is offering webinars and sessions about Cradle-6.0 enhancements. Visit www.threesl.com/pages/support/whats-new-seminar.php for dates and times. Information on the proposed CMIS standard can be found at xml.coverpages.org/cmis.htm.

About 3SL
3SL is an internationally acclaimed developer and collaborator of leading-edge systems engineering products. Most notably, 3SL developed Cradle, an evolutionary approach to formulating and executing a systems engineering environment that addresses clients’ needs. 3SL is headquartered in Huntsville, AL with offices throughout the United States.

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