Stahlin Offers Full Flange Accessory Option for DiamondShield Enclosures

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, manufacturer of the world’s most frequently specified fiberglass enclosure products, has introduced a Full Flange Accessory Option for the DiamondShield series of enclosures. The full flange option provides superior versatility compared to traditional four-point mounting systems. With the DiamondShield full flange accessory anyone can now easily position the enclosure to fit any pole, strut, or wall mount requirement method.

The new DiamondShield Full Flange Option datasheet is now available for easy download at

The Stahlin DiamondShield Series product offering was developed for design flexibility and pleasing aesthetics. Applications include high-end electronics, harsh corrosive environments, and industrial applications both indoors and out. Unique internal panel management capabilities provides the end user with only the features they need for their application, yet able to use every cubic inch of valuable internal enclosure space. The series offers an additional feature of panel mounting in the cover for use as an operator interface in industrial equipment control stations when required. Other feature/benefits of DiamondShield include:

  • Over 150 configurations available in 10 sizes
  • Size range from 6″ x 6″ to 20″ x 16″
  • Flat, bonded window, and clear cover options available
  • 5 cover securement methods available
  • Field interchangeable covers and hardware
  • No penetrable hardware
  • Unobstructed walls for ease of conduit or component placement
  • Up to NEMA 4X, IP66

All DiamondShield enclosures also feature SolarGuard, non-haloginated fiberglass system that beats the effects of outdoor exposure plus provides chemical and flame resistance. SolarGuard, in extensive comparison testing, outperformed other available SMC formulations by as much as 60% in its ability to retain gloss and color after exposure to concentrated UV light. SolarGuard’s patented double protection formula was developed in Stahlin’s FormRight lab. Due to its chemical composition and other additives, SolarGuard is able to reduce the effects of UV degredation such as surface roughening and fiber blooming. SolarGuard features new, proprietary double protection formulation technology that significantly enhances the molecular bond strength and crosslinking that occurs during the curing process in thermosetting polyester sheet molding compounds (SMC). A special UV Absorber is added to the SolarGuard formulation which acts to absorb UV energy, then to release it without damaging the polymer chain.

Additional information: Stahlin