Via Licensing Announces Power over Ethernet Patent Call

Via Licensing Corporation announced a call for patents that are essential to the practice of Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE technology enables a system to transfer electrical power along with data to a wide range of remote devices, including IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, network cameras, network switches, embedded computers, and other devices. PoE uses standard twisted-pair cable on an Ethernet network to deliver power in situations where it is impractical or expensive to use a separate power source.

“Power over Ethernet is a significant innovation that can lower the cost of power installation and maintenance for systems and devices,” said Jean-Michel Bourdon, President of Via Licensing. “By providing a licensing program that offers fair and convenient access to essential patents, we can help the industry furnish new applications and devices that deliver all the benefits of this technology.”

Via Licensing is issuing this patent call for the purpose of identifying the owners of patents that are determined to be essential to the practice of the IEEE 802.3af standard and IEEE P802.3at draft standard. A patent is essential if it contains at least one independent claim that is necessarily infringed by the implementation or use of the standard.

Owners of patents with potential patent claims based on the IEEE P802.3at draft standard can submit patents for preliminary evaluation, but can only be confirmed as members of the licensing program if and when the standard is approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board.

The IEEE P802.3at draft standard, commonly referred to as PoE Plus, extends the IEEE 802.3af standard by increasing available power up to 25.5 watts while maintaining full backwards compatibility. PoE Plus can greatly increase the number and range of devices able to receive power over standard Ethernet lines.

More information on the IEEE 802.3af standard and the IEEE P802.3at draft standard

For submission information, please send an email message to, specifying your interest in submitting a patent or patent application for consideration of essentiality to the IEEE 802.3af standard and/or IEEE P802.3at draft standard.

Submitters of patents determined to be essential to the practice of the IEEE 802.3af standard or IEEE P802.3at draft standard are invited to participate in a group of essential patent holders that will convene to discuss the commercialization terms for PoE patents under reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms.

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