Ethernet Direct Announces Green Power Saving for Industrial Switches

Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of Industrial Networking and communication solutions, announces a unique feature not commonly found in Industrial Ethernet equipments called Green Power or Power Saving Technology. By being a pioneer in providing the latest trend and technology by designing Industrial Ethernet equipments, Ethernet Direct designed products that are true eco-friendly to save the earth.

Ethernet Direct Green Technology includes a number of innovations to reduce energy consumption:

  • Power saving link-down mode removes power for each port that does not have a device attached
  • Automatic power adjustment by cable length only uses as much power as necessary
  • Schedule-Based Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Lesser heat dissipation
  • Extended product MTBF and product life
  • Reduced in operating costs
  • Saves power, energy, money and carbon

Green Power (Power Saving) is available in the following Ethernet Direct product series:

  • Husky series Industrial Ethernet switches
  • Iguana series conformal coated Industrial Ethernet switches
  • Moose series Modbus solution Industrial Ethernet switches

With the power saving technology, the installed Industrial Ethernet switches can detect when the idle ports in use to reduce the power usage for the idle port by changing into power standby mode. In normal condition, switches normally send full power to cables regardless of the actual length. With the power saving technology can analyze the length of a cable and adjust the power consumption accordingly. Ethernet Direct aims to the contribution to conserve energy worldwide. By optimizing the power usage by means of automatic cable length detection can also significantly reduced power consumption.

The Global Ethernet Direct team is rapidly gaining momentum in the Industrial Ethernet field with the teamwork formed by industry experts and professionals with proven experiences. To know more about the new offerings, please contact our global network.

About Ethernet Direct Corporation
Ethernet Direct brings a control system engineering perspective to networking technology. The principals of Ethernet Direct come from process-control and PLC system backgrounds. The Global Ethernet Direct team covers operations from Product know-how, design implementation, quality assurance, manufacturing, logistics, sales, marketing & technical support. We are well-positioned to fulfill customers’ needs and markets’ demands by providing a great variety of tailor-made products and services. When you work with us, you will experience confidence and dependability. By choosing Ethernet Direct, you have chosen excellence & long-term commitment.