Ocular Announces Gesturing Capabilities for Crystal Touch Screens

The new advanced gesturing capabilities of Ocular’s Crystal Touch(TM) large-size capacitive touch screens will enable intuitive, engaging user interfaces on netbooks, mobile internet devices (MID) and other emerging types of devices. Ocular is the leader in advanced display-centric solutions.

Crystal Touch screens are capable of all of the typical gesturing functions like slide, swipe, drag, rotate, zoom-in, zoom-out and others. Combining gesturing with Crystal Touch’s large capacitive touch screen sizes up to 10.1-in. means that devices like netbooks can have both a compelling gesturing interface for ease-of-use and a vibrant screen display for new multimedia applications. Until now, touch screens with gesturing capabilities have been limited to small screen sizes which were deployed mostly on wireless smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and several media players. In addition, the all-glass Crystal Touch capacitive touch screens are so durable that constant touching will not scratch or otherwise compromise the optical clarity of the screen.

“Now designers don’t have to sacrifice long-term screen clarity and vibrancy for a gesturing touch screen interface. Crystal Touch with gesturing provides both. In addition, it allows current touch screen interfaces to be replaced by the compelling gesture-based interfaces users are demanding today,” said Phil Spivey, President and CEO of Ocular. “This takes on even greater importance as new applications, which incorporate streaming video and other forms of multimedia, become more commonplace. Users are not only demanding a tough, long lasting touch screen that’s resistant to scratching, but they want one that gives them the kind of clarity they get from their high-definition televisions. Anything less will be unacceptable.”

Ocular’s proven Crystal Touch line of durable projected capacitive touch screens are less susceptible to physical damage and contaminants in the environment than other touch screens, such as resistive touch screens, which feature a layer of flexible film as the outermost surface. The all-glass construction of a Crystal Touch screen ensures a crystal clear image and long-term durability.

Pricing and Availability
Gesturing is available with Crystal Touch screens in several standard TFT sizes, including 3.5-in., 4.3-in., 5.7-in., 7-in., 10.1-in., and customized sizes to meet application requirements. Pricing begins at $22. Volume pricing is available in OEM quantities. Integrated solutions combining a TFT display with a Crystal Touch screen featuring gesturing are also available.

About Ocular
With its headquarters and design center in Richardson, Texas, and three company-owned manufacturing facilities in China, Ocular has been developing, designing, and manufacturing advanced LCD technology, touch screens and display system solutions for more than two decades. Ocular’s line of HMI platforms combines the company’s core competencies of advanced LCD and touch screen technologies with robust embedded computing platforms to deliver highly cost-effective and user-configurable HMI solutions for a wide variety of applications.