SiliconXpress Becomes Tensilica Design Center

Tensilica,® Inc. announced that SiliconXpress has become its newest authorized design center. SiliconXpress is a fabless chip provider, headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, offering one-stop design, fabrication, test, and packaging services. Tensilica is a major semiconductor IP (intellectual property) supplier specializing in dataplane processor cores which are a combination of CPU (central processing unit) and DSP (digital signal processor) that can be rapidly customized to provide 10-100x the performance of standard CPUs and DSPs.

“SiliconXpress offers deep understanding of the entire chip design process, so companies can use them as a valuable resource for parts, or all, of their chip designs,” stated Chris Jones, Tensilica’s director of strategic alliances. “They have extensive experience integrating IP into chip designs and can do so on a very cost-effective basis.”

“We’re pleased to work with Tensilica, as they offer the unique capability to optimize a processor for a particular task,” stated Dr. Aftab Farooqi, president and chief executive officer of SiliconXpress. “And we welcome them to our new IP portal.”

About SiliconXpress
SiliconXpress is a fabless semiconductor company providing turnkey, design, fabrication, packaging and testing services for digital and mixed-signal devices. Among the services offered include RTL development, FPGA to ASIC conversions, RTL to GDSII, RTL to packaged and tested devices, RTL to production silicon and wafers to production silicon. Recognized for delivering highly cost competitive services using an experienced team that is entirely U.S. based, SiliconXpress’ headquarters and design center are located in Lubbock, Texas.

About Tensilica
Tensilica, Inc. — the leader in customizable dataplane processors — is a semiconductor IP licensor recognized by the Gartner Group as the fastest growing semiconductor IP supplier in 2008. Dataplane Processor Units (DPUs) combine the best capabilities of CPUs and DSPs while delivering 10-to-100-times the performance because they can be customized using Tensilica’s automated design tools to meet specific dataplane performance targets. Tensilica’s DPUs power SOC designs at system OEMs and five out of the top 10 semiconductor companies for products including mobile phones, consumer electronics devices (including digital TV, Blu-ray Disc players, broadband set top boxes and portable media players), computers, and storage, networking and communications equipment.