Signatec Debuts SIG-PRG Portable Data Acquisition, Generation Systems

Signatec Inc. released the SIG-PRG series, its portable high-speed data acquisition and waveform generation systems that combine the features of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and signal generators with high-speed RAID storage to create advanced turnkey wideband signal test systems. With two analog signal recording channels at up to 160 MHz sampling rate, two analog I&Q waveform generation channels at up to 1 GHz sampling rate, 16-bit resolution for both the A/D and D/A channels and an analog capture bandwidth from 100 KHz to 600 MHz, the SIG-PRG system enables users to record and play back continuous analog signals with no break in the signal record at its peak 400 MB/s data rate.

“Signatec’s SIG-PRG systems are not a replacement of, but rather an answer to, conventional test equipment deficiencies,” said Anthony Hunt, Signatec’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “By embedding compatible high dynamic range signal capture and signal generation channels within a portable, lightweight chassis with terabytes of data storage, customizable real-time data processing and easy-to-use turnkey system software, Signatec offers engineers a powerful new tool for high frequency wideband signal applications that require significant data storage capabilities.”

Advantages to the Oscilloscope
Most oscilloscopes are limited to the capture of a few million points of information, which is really only useful for human eye analysis, and offer little to no custom programming options, produce low dynamic range data and are not always easy to control or transfer data from within an embedded environment.

Signatec’s SIG-PRG systems are designed to answer to these deficiencies by allowing for multiple terabytes of continuous signal data capture, enabling optional embedded custom real-time processing and provide high dynamic range data at up to 16 bits of resolution. Other benefits include data analysis software for viewing captured data as well as client/server capabilities that allow for the systems to be easily controlled either directly from the embedded computer or from an existing user’s network computer.

Advantages to the Spectrum Analyzer
Most spectrum analyzers capture a large spectrum via many narrower consecutive frequency bands and piece these smaller bands together to form a greater spectrum image. However, for signal communications-based applications that need to view a larger captured spectrum of interest and also record all bands of data continuously for possible post analysis, the SIG-PRG provides a complete, intact signal data record for all narrow-band channels within the greater captured spectrum.

Signatec’s SIG-PRG is ideal for IF signal data capture and operates by grabbing a single very large band of data at up to 80 MHz bandwidth for 16-bit data. The standard SIG-PRG operating mode for spectrum analysis is to record all raw signal data, perform periodic snapshot FFT processing and display the processed results.

Additionally, Signatec offers options for real-time processing to perform digital down conversion (DDC) on selectable frequency bands in the greater spectrum as well as fast Fourier transform (FFT) on all captured data with both raw and FFT data results recorded. Options also exist for users to program custom processing routines into the embedded FPGA onboard the SIG-PRG’s signal recording module.

Advantages to the Signal Generator
Typical bench-top signal generators are useful for playing very simple and repetitive waveforms. Signatec’s SIG-PRG waveform generation module has this same simple ability along with more advanced arbitrary waveform generation capabilities for creating unique waveforms for terabytes worth of data samples. This integrated signal generation component is especially useful for playing back into analog form previously digitized analog signals from the SIG-PRG’s signal recording module.

“Signatec’s ability to leverage portable, lightweight form factors to embed high-speed data acquisition and waveform generation performance capabilities opens new markets both in laboratory and Test & Measurement environments,” said Tom Wagner, Director of Marketing at Signatec. “Serving the aerospace, defense and intelligence communities for over 20 years, Signatec continues to deliver industry leading solutions to resolve the challenges facing the high-speed communications community.”

Pricing and Availability
Signatec is now taking orders for the SIG-PRG with a shipping forecast of four to six weeks. For the latest pricing and availability, please contact Tom Wagner, Signatec’s Director of Marketing, at

About Signatec, Inc.
Delivering advanced system solutions since 1988, Signatec is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-speed data acquisition, parallel digital signal processing, continuous signal data recording and arbitrary waveform generation systems. Signatec differentiates itself by being one of the only single-source suppliers that works with its customers to build affordable, real-time signal technology systems for advanced radar, SIGINT, ultrasound, imaging and other high-speed communications systems.