3L Becomes Member of Texas Instruments Developer Network

3L, the Multiprocessor Design Company, announced that it has joined the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) Developer Network as a provider of multiprocessor design solutions. The announcement strengthens 3L’s multiprocessor design flow targeting TI digital signal processors (DSPs) and offers tighter integration between 3L’s Diamond multiprocessor tool suite and the TI portfolio of DSPs as well as Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) integrated development environment (IDE).

With more designers choosing TI DSP for multi-processor systems development, 3L’s Diamond tool-suite allows designers to accelerate the creation of multiprocessor applications through highly targeted design automation coupled with a powerful model that simplifies the description of efficient multi-processor systems. 3L Diamond helps the designer create tasks, self-contained blocks of code, which communicate with other tasks on multi-processing architectures. The integrated Diamond TCP/IP stack provides designers with a high-performance solution that delivers the high data rates required in processor intensive applications such as high-end video and imaging, wireless base stations and networking.

“Diamond has become a decisive, productive and increasingly standard part of the multiprocessor design flow targeting TI DSP,” said Peter Robertson, managing director of 3L. “By working ever more closely with TI we are creating a seamless environment that is easy to use, highly efficient and highly targeted…saving the designer time, effort and money.”

3L is exclusively focused on multiprocessor system design supporting arrays of high-performance TMS320C6000[tm] DSPs. Interoperable with CCStudio, the Diamond tool-suite organises the loading of multiple processors, manages inter-processor and host communications. When Diamond routes messages through processors it avoids communications deadlock and by balancing design automation with designer control it manages processor issues such as cache coherence, optimises Enhanced Direct Memory Access (EDMA) and drivers for peripherals, and synchronises multiple DSPs.

“We welcome 3L as a new addition to our Third Party Network,” said Sandeep Kumar Marketing Manager, High Performance & Multi-core Processing (HPMP) Mass Market at Texas Instruments. “Combined with the full suite of TI DSP product offerings, 3L’s Diamond offers our customers an efficient and easy to use design environment that is optimized for multiprocessor applications that demand very high digital signal processing performance.”

About 3L
3L Ltd, The Multiprocessor Design Company, provides the design tools, software and IP that is used by application developers to create multiprocessor systems that feature DSP, FPGA & GPP. Its Diamond multiprocessor tool suite is used by some of the world’s leading electronics companies and provides an easy to use, flexible environment where very high performance processing technologies can be quickly leveraged and applied to demanding signal processing applications. Founded in 1987 the company’s products are used in the telecom, video and signal processing, and defense markets. It is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK, and operates internationally.

About the Texas Instruments Developer Network
3L is a member of the TI Developer Network, a community of respected, well-established companies offering products and services based on TI analog and digital technology. The Network provides a broad range of end-equipment solutions, embedded software, engineering services and development tools that help customers accelerate innovation to make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener and more fun.