Agilent Education Solution Kits for Analog, Digital, RF Engineering

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) introduced a new range of integrated curriculum-based solution kits for educators teaching analog-electronics, digital-systems and RF-communication classes. This further expands Agilent’s range of education kits, which include solutions for Basic Electronics, RF Circuit Design and Digital Systems. Each solution includes carefully designed undergraduate engineering courseware, a mix of teaching slide sets, problem-based student labs and industry-standard measurement equipment.

An introductory video on the concept and advantages of Agilent’s education solutions is available at

“These curriculum-based solution kits are aimed at helping educators optimize the use of their equipment and time, enhancing their teaching curriculum,” said Mike Kawasaki, manager of Agilent’s Education Program. “Through the use of complete classroom solutions and project-based assignments, educators can use Agilent’s cost-effective integrated solution kits with great ease without any compromise to performance or quality, boosting their teaching and research capabilities.”

Agilent’s New Education Kits
The Agilent Analog Electronics Lab Station focuses on semiconductor fundamentals, circuit analysis and applications, helping students explore functionalities and applications of diodes, transistors, and op-amps in a circuit. Its integrated curriculum and hands-on lab experiments and assessments enable students to better grasp the concepts and fundamentals of Analog Electronics Coursework. More information on the Agilent Analog Electronics Lab Station is available at Pricing starts at $5,220 and is available for order worldwide.

Targeted at undergraduates studying digital signal processing, the Agilent Digital Signal Processing Lab Solution (DSP) focuses on digital systems design, digital programming and digital logic design for digital electronics classrooms. It incorporates Altera’s FPGA Development and Educational tool kit. Additional information about the Agilent DSP Lab Solution is available at The Agilent Digital Signal Processing Lab Solution is available for shipment worldwide now. Pricing starts at $7,950.

The Agilent Digital RF Communications Training Kit features the principles of digital communication and wireless standards for RF communication courses. Using the latest industrial equipment and software to help students assimilate into the industry, its integrated curriculum also comes in an editable format, allowing lecturers to customize material according to their classroom subjects. Information about the Agilent Digital RF Communications Training Kit is available at Prices start at $9,150, and the kit is available now for order worldwide.

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About Agilent Technologies
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