Forte Announces Electronic System Level Design Flow Seminars

Forte Design Systems, a leading provider of SystemC-based High Level Synthesis software, will kick off a series of training seminars in May for semiconductor companies to better understand how to implement an electronic system level (ESL) design flow. The two-part series, scheduled to start May 11 in Korea, with additional dates in Japan, the United States and Europe throughout 2009, is designed for hardware engineers and their managers.

Hardware engineers will learn how to effectively implement SystemC-based ESL tools and methodologies into their existing design flow. They will be trained to use ESL tools, including Cynthesizer[tm], Forte’s SystemC-based High Level Synthesis software, to increase design productivity and reduce verification time of complex integrated circuits (ICs).

Executive-level training seminars will help engineering managers determine the long-term return on investment (ROI) of ESL synthesis through a detailed cost-analysis evaluation. Each session will discuss specific application test cases, success stories and outline the business values of purchasing and implementing these types of tools.

“While adoption of ESL and high-level synthesis are reaching record levels, education and training are critically important as more mainstream users adopt the technology,” remarks Brett Cline, Forte’s vice president of marketing and sales. “We recognize this need and are working to help executives and design teams build solid justification for implementing an ESL design methodology.”

About Forte Design Systems
Forte Design Systems is a leading provider of software products that enable design at a higher level of abstraction. Its innovative high-level synthesis technology allows design teams creating complex electronic systems from algorithmic designs using ASICs, FPGAs, and SoCs to significantly reduce their overall design and verification time. Forte is headquartered at 100 Century Center Court, San Jose, Calif. 95112.