Integrated Silicon Solution Acquires Enable Semiconductor

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc (Nasdaq: ISSI), a leader in advanced memory solutions, announced it has acquired Enable Semiconductor Corporation, a private Taiwan and Korea based company, formerly a subsidiary of Nanoamp Solutions, Inc. For ISSI, the acquisition adds both ultra low power Single Data Rate (SDR) and Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAMs, and ultra low power Pseudo SRAMs in Known Good Die (KGD) and package format targeted at the portable consumer products market.

Enable Semiconductor provides ISSI with a full range of ultra low power SDR and DDR SDRAMs, with densities from 16Mb to 128Mb, including low voltage (1.8V) and wide bus (x32) options, all available in industrial temperature range and available in KGD format optimized for multichip package (MCP) applications. These ultra low power SDRAMs provide longer battery life by using up to 50% less standby current than low power memories from other manufacturers.

“Enable’s products and technology fill a strategic need for ISSI in the ultra low power memory markets targeting consumer portables,” said Scott Howarth, ISSI president and CEO. “With this acquisition, we get leading edge ultra low-power memories and a proven team to enable us to expand this product line. We expect this acquisition to provide excellent growth opportunity as the growth of the portable consumer products market continues to drive the need for lower power, higher performance memories.”

Enable also brings ISSI ultra low power Pseudo SRAMs (PSRAMs), initially with a 32Mb product, and with a roadmap for densities from 8Mb to 128Mb. In addition to these PSRAMs, Enable Semiconductor is part of the CellularRAM(R) consortium that is developing a CellularRAM product family to replace existing low power SRAM used in the portable consumer products market. CellularRAM memory devices offer the best SRAM and DRAM features, combining low power consumption, high-speed READ and WRITE functions, with lower cost. Additionally the CellularRAM family under development by Enable Semiconductor will be available in KGD format optimized for MCP applications.

“The addition of Enable’s product offerings gives ISSI the ultra low power technology in a proven KGD format that puts us right into the MCPs necessary to fill this need for our customers,” said Ron Kalakuntla, Vice President of marketing at ISSI. “We will now be able to support a broad range of low power memory applications like cell phones, GPS, digital cameras, LCD TVs, and PDAs in the portable consumer products market.”

The total purchase price was $3.5 million with the potential for additional contingent payments based on future operating results. The acquisition is expected to be accretive to ISSI’s financial results by the December 2009 quarter.

About ISSI
ISSI is a fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets high performance integrated circuits for the following key markets: (i) digital consumer electronics, (ii) networking, (iii) mobile communications, (iv) automotive electronics, and (v) industrial. The Company’s primary products are high speed and low power SRAM and low and medium density DRAM in package and low-power KGD configurations. The Company also designs and markets EEPROM, SmartCards and is developing selected non-memory products focused on its key markets. ISSI is headquartered in Silicon Valley with worldwide offices in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, and Korea.