78K Primer Kit for NEC Microcontrollers

Gleichmann Electronics now offers the 78K Primer Kit, a complete learning packet, for just 120 Euros. The 78K Primer Kit is designed to help and educate engineers and students that want to learn more about NEC Electronics’ popular 78K 8-bit and 16-bit microcontroller families. In addition to two evaluation boards – one equipped with an 8-bit 78K0/KF2 and the other with a 16-bit 78K0R/KG3 microcontroller – the learning packet also includes a photodiode, a thermal sensor and a buzzer. A circuit diagram, complete with ready-to-use sample program, makes it easy for users of the “78K Primer Kit” to program the respective peripheral units.

78K Primer Kit for NEC MicrocontrollersFurthermore, the “78K Primer Kit” includes selected software tools such as e.g. IAR’s Embedded Workbench® 16kB code size limited KickStart edition for 78K microcontrollers or Applilet®2 for 78K0/Kx2 and 78K0R/Kx3 microcontrollers, which is a tool for the development of device drivers for the initialization and use of the on-chip peripherals. A QB-Programmer, which enables a simple coding of the on-board flash memory, is also provided.

The packet is complemented with a number of detailed presentations and tutorials, which answer all important questions regarding the fundamental architecture of the 78K family, the high-performance peripheral units, the innovative flash technology and the extensive development tools. The emphasis of the tutorials includes subjects such as: developing a demo project for IAR Embedded Workbench, debugging with the on-chip debug emulator MINICUBE2, generation of code with the help of Applilet®2 and programming a device with a QB-programmer using MINICUBE2.

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