jTOP maXim Operating System Supports STMicroelectronics ST32F512 Flash

Trusted Logic, a pioneer in security solutions for digital services, announces that its jTOP® maXim operating system for (U)SIM cards is now available on STMicroelectronics’ ST32F512 flash chip, which was launched earlier this year. The state-of-the-art 512 kilobyte chip offers 256 kilobytes of user space and enables high performances. It is enhanced by jTOP® maXim’s own high performances and optimized size. The combined chip and OS allow faster processing of information, for a better user experience: operations such as reading 3G phonebooks become much quicker. The product is aimed at the high-end market, and can come packaged with WIB[tm] or S@T browsers to access mobile Internet applications.

Dominique Bolignano, CEO of Trusted Logic, says: “Trusted Logic continually strives to innovate for a better end-user experience, and can now offer a top-of-the-range product combining jTOP® maxim and ST32F512, only months after STMicroelectronics launched its high-performance chip. This product will soon be enhanced with the SWP protocol, opening up to a world of new experiences such as mobile ticketing and mobile payment.”

Trusted Logic expects to launch a new version of this product, enhanced with the SWP protocol that enables NFC applications, as soon as the functionality is available on the chip (Q3 2009), and a secured, Common Criteria certified version of the SWP-enabled product by the end of the year.

About (U)SIM
A SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) is a smart card used in a mobile phone that stores information allowing the mobile network operator to identify the subscriber. A USIM card (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) is a SIM card for 3G mobile phones (enabling multi-media communications on the mobile phone).

About Flash
Flash chips contain a specific type of EEPROM memory that can be erased in larger blocks than traditional EEPROM memory, thereby increasing the speed of many operations.

About NFC
NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is a short-range wireless communication technology enabling devices to exchange data. Several pilot NFC projects are underway for applications such as mobile payment and mobile ticketing.

About Trusted Logic
Trusted Logic is a pioneer in security solutions for digital services – from mobile payment to e-ticketing, from identification to access control – enabling end-users to access services anywhere, anytime, securely. A leading provider of open, secure software for smart cards, terminals and consumer devices, Trusted Logic creates the foundations for converging digital services at the crossroads of telecom, banking, transport, and government. With operations in France, Ireland, and Singapore, Trusted Logic today serves customers worldwide. Its subsidiary, Trusted Labs, offers consulting and security evaluation services and helps customers design and deploy their next digital services.