Macraigor Systems Ports On-Chip Debug Technology to Sun Java Runtime

Macraigor Systems, LLC announced their proprietary On-Chip Debug Technology (OCDemon) has been ported to Sun Microsystems’ Java Runtime Environment (JRE) via a powerful application programming interface (API) that enables developers to write Java code to directly control a target processor and a unit under test. Macraigor has taken three components that are available at no cost and combined them into a powerful board test environment. To this end, they have developed a step-by-step tutorial and examples to get the board test environment running as quickly as possible.

The entire system consists of the free Eclipse development environment, using the latest Ganymede release, the latest JRE from Sun Microsystems, and the free JUnit testing framework. These are combined with the Macraigor API for JTAG and other accessory code and examples, into a single development environment for board test. Examples are offered to demonstrate how to write the tests, how to run them from within the environment, and how to generate a standalone test application.

Examples of tests include scan chain examination, CPU control, reading-writing-testing memory and registers, testing system I/O, testing on board Flash memory, downloaded and executing native code, and more.

The entire range of target systems includes all Macraigor supported processors, including but not limited to ARM, PowerPC, XScale and MIPS. Most of the operations of the board test systems will also work with the background debug mode-based processors from Freescale.

“Macraigor Systems is committed to providing hardware/software JTAG debug interface solutions for all current and future processors with on-chip debug,” commented managing partner James MacGregor.

Specific information on the Java Board Test Environment can be found at

Pricing & Availability
Macraigor’s Java Board Test Environment with OCDemon is available immediately. The software framework is available at no charge and works with all Macraigor Systems’ interface devices, starting at $250 USD.

About Macraigor Systems
Macraigor Systems, LLC is a leading supplier of BDM/JTAG connection devices for on-chip debugging. Their reputation in the embedded industry has been built on the OCDemon product technology which provides a low-cost, full-featured connection from a PC parallel port to the on-chip debug facilities of 32 and 64-bit processors. In addition to parallel port connections, serial and high-speed Ethernet connections are available, providing host support for Windows, Linux and Solaris systems. Macraigor Systems also provides Flash Programming software that allows in-circuit programming of target Flash EEPROM memory devices via a BDM/JTAG connection. The Flash Programmer works with a wide variety of the most popular Flash devices currently on the market.

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