Embedded Masterclass to Explore Linux for Realtime Electronic Systems

A key presentation at this year’s embedded systems developers’ event, the Embedded Masterclass, will explore the use of the Linux operating system for electronic systems and realtime computer systems. The Embedded Masterclass is to be held in Cambridge and Bristol on the 7th and 12th May. Over the past 10 years, various commercial embedded Linux solutions have evolved. Several are now highly refined operating systems that not only exhibit robust real-time performance but can also address the needs of mobile wireless devices. Whether to ‘roll your own’ Linux OS or buy off the shelf remains a common question in todays embedded space. This presentation will lift the lid off of commercial Linux and show engineers what is inside the very latest offering and why a commercial solution might offer both engineering and commercial benefits to your next project.

This presented is to be given by Aschwin Marsman, a computer science engineer that has been working with Linux since 1993 and with UNIX since 1990. He worked as a software engineer in a number of technical embedded environments, including wafer steppers, air traffic control, self-checkout systems etc. He is also a writer and has published articles in magazines in the Netherlands such as Linux Magazine and Bits&Chips. He started his own company, aYniK Software Solutions in 2001 and is currently working for MontaVista as the Solution Architect for the UK and Benelux.

“In theory Linux is for free,” said Richard Blackburn, the organiser of the event. “In practice and in reality there is a cost and it’s not insignificant. To get Linux working on a specific hardware and working with specific peripherals can be time consuming and costly. Then there are performance considerations, as many Linux versions are not optimised for real-time systems or systems with limited memory. So, many engineers find themselves asking ‘should I buy a commercial version or build my own’. This presentation will focus on what they can expect if they buy it in, and what are the commercial considerations of this route. It should be a popular presentation.”

This event will also include a half-day workshop entitled “An Introduction to Embedded Linux”. This workshop was oversubscribed last year and held in very high regard by those engineers fortunate to attend. The workshop was is in the form of a technical presentation and hands on development using ARM based hardware.

Over the past 9 years, the Embedded Masterclass has established itself as an important UK event for engineers looking to explore the most recent tools and technologies for the development of embedded systems. Over the years it has grown from a small seminar into a much larger event that now includes a tabletop exhibition, an agenda of technical presentations and a collection of high quality workshops. It attracts electronics engineers, embedded computing engineers, designers and project managers, giving them the chance to meet with engineers from many of the world’s leading vendors of development tools and realtime and embedded technologies. The Embedded Masterclass is recognised for the quality of its presentations, which are technical in content and presented by experienced and knowledgeable engineers. It’s free to engineers and managers in the technology sector, although the workshop carries a small charge.

The Embedded Masterclass will take place in Cambridge and Bristol on the 7th and 12th May.