IS2T Unveils Free MicroEJ-EDU Java Platform Kit for Embedded Systems

IS2T announced the availability of MicroEJ®-EDU, a free Java platform kit for software developers who wish to evaluate Java technologies optimized for embedded systems. This Java evaluation kit provides the embedded engineering community with new opportunities to understand how to design and maintain more robust, secure and scalable applications and how to cut actual software development costs by a factor of five.

MicroEJ-EDU targets typical embedded applications for industrial control, machine-to-machine, medical, e-metering, home automation and consumer market segments. It features a virtual electronic board with typical interfaces used by embedded systems: graphic and character displays, LEDs, key-pads, analog sensors, actuators and serial communication interfaces. Applications developed with MicroEJ-EDU are fully binary portable to MicroEJ Java Platform Kits targeting real hardware.

Optimized Java platforms – IS2T embedded Java platforms built on MicroJvm® virtual machines and their associated libraries provide a high level of abstraction that dramatically simplifies application design. They meet the economical constraints of low-cost and highly integrated hardware systems, as they do not require higher computation and larger memory resources compared to C technology requirements. Typical MicroJvm virtual machines need only 65 Kbytes of program memory to run, and graphical Java platforms require less than 150 KBytes including all run-time libraries.

MicroEJ, a tools suite for embedded developers – MicroEJ assists software designers in writing Java applications for embedded systems in Eclipse. Developers can prototype, design, debug and validate Java programs on hardware and simulated platforms. Simulated platforms, powered by the Smart Software Simulator (S3[tm] ) engine, can be extended with specific interfaces such as sensors, ad-hoc communications links and even hardware peripherals to allow further program validation based on real scenarii implementations (Hardware in the Loop testing).

Shipping and availability – MicroEJ-EDU is available now from IS2T website, free of charge.

About IS2T
Headquartered in Nantes, France, IS2T offers the most advanced Object Oriented Programming solutions to reduce development costs and to improve application quality for embedded systems. IS2T provides specific solutions for each addressed market such as consumer, industrial, security, communications, computing, automotive, military, avionics and aerospace markets.

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