RoboBusiness 2009 Conference Features New Class of Industrial Robots

Recent innovations in the arena of industrial robotics have produced a new class of industrial robots. These robots are characterized by a higher intelligence, increased mobility, and more complex manipulation. These emerging technologies will be more affordable, will result in greater and more efficient performance in their applications, and will ultimately help bolster U.S. manufacturing and the economy as a whole. The RoboBusiness 2009 conference program features a number of relevant sessions that will explore the technology and functionality of this next generation of industrial robots. RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition 2009 takes place April 15-16 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dan Kara, conference chairman and President of Robotics Trends, commented, “Advancements in robotic and control technology now make it possible for industrial robots to expand beyond their traditional manufacturing or automation roles, into a wide range of new markets such as food production, warehousing, picking and palletizing, and many others areas. Other systems offering mobility, vision and fine manipulation capabilities are designed to compete directly with low cost offshore manufacturers and rebuild depressed manufacturing sectors. However, for the industrial robotics industry to move forward with these initiatives, the industry must engage with individuals, companies and markets with whom they have never interacted. In a similar manner, those outside of the industrial robotics sector must network with the industrial robotics industry to exchange information, explore synergies and build new markets. RoboBusiness provides such an opportunity.”

RoboBusiness Conference Attendees will learn about the latest advancements in industrial robots in a number of enlightening conference sessions, including:

Keynote Presentation: Industrial Mobile Robotics
In this keynote presentation, Seegrid Corporation’s CEO, Scott Friedman, will describe the nascent landscape of automation and robotics in supply chain management. He will focus on emerging robotic technologies and review specific technical details. He will also focus on product innovations, painting a clear picture of how and by “who” the work will be done in the years to come.
Presented by: Scott Friedman, CEO, Seegrid Corporation

Practical Humanoid Manipulators and 21st Century Manufacturing
This talk will discuss the next generation of working robots that are low cost and simple enough to be configurable by lay people instead of highly skilled engineers. It is these robots that promise to have broad acceptance, and, contrary to conventional wisdom, help bolster U.S. manufacturing and the economy as a whole. Example cases of humanoid manipulators will be shown for applications ranging from remote inspection to sports training.
Presented by: Neil Tardella, COO, Energid

An Industrial Dual Arm Platform for Emerging Markets
Industrial robotics has a 40 year history of evolutionary improvement that has led to the development of highly precise machines with an upwards of an 80,000-hour life. These systems have been characterized by standardized payloads and geometries that were primarily driven by the automotive market. On the other hand, research labs and small companies have been developing dual arm robotic systems that are lighter, slimmer, and offer open real-time integration interfaces. This talk will show how the best of both these efforts can be combined to offer relatively lower cost dual arm robotic systems that have reliability and performance of industrial systems while offering high performance motion planning software required for emerging applications.
Presented by: Chetan Kapoor, Associate Director, Robotics Research Group and Founder and President, University of Texas Austin and Agile Planet; Erik Nieves, Technology Director, Motoman, Inc.

About RoboBusiness Conference & Exposition
RoboBusiness Conference & Exposition features a worldwide array of companies with emerging robotics and intelligent systems technologies within the Expo Floor, 30+ sessions, and exclusive Keynote Presentations. Conference program Tracks include:

  • Business Development and Investment
  • Technology and Standards
  • Security, Defense and First Responder Robotics
  • Consumer Robotics
  • Healthcare Robotics / RoboMedicus
  • Autonomy and Mobility

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