SMH Technologies Debuts FlashRunner Quattro In-System Gang Programmer

SMH Technologies announces the development of a high-performance, standalone in-system gang programming system (FlashRunner Quattro). FlashRunner Quattro is based on the FlashRunner patented technology and is designed for programming multi-PCB panel assemblies. FlashRunner Quattro offers:

  • Four fully parallel in-system programming channels
  • Extremely fast programming (FlashRunner is one of the fastest in-system programming system on the market)
  • Channel multiplexing: each of the four main channels can be multiplexed to 2 or 4 ISP channels (for a total of 8 and 16 ISP channels, respectively)
  • Easy integration with all ATE systems
  • Galvanic isolation (on the 8 ISP channels configuration)
  • Controllable by a host PC or ATE through RS-232, Ethernet or parallel control lines
  • Compact and robust design for production environments

FlashRunner Quattro will be available in three different models, to best suit different gang programming needs:

  • 4 ISP channels system (4 true parallel channels), no ISP channel multiplexing
  • 8 ISP channels system (4 parallel channels, each multiplexable to 2 channels, with galvanic isolation)
  • 16 ISP channels system (4 parallel channels, each multiplexable to 4 channels)

In all of the above configurarions, each of the ISP channels is composed of:

  • Six digital, bidirectional lines
  • Two analog/digital lines (analog out, digital in/out)
  • Two power lines
  • One ground line (common for all channels)

FlashRunner Quattro will be available in Q3 2009.

About SMH Technologies
SMH Technologies is a global, independent, high-tech company, leader in Silicon Device In-System Programming and services for the Manufacturing Industry. The company’s patented FlashRunner technology is widely used by OEM/ODM/EMS and kept-up worldwide by SSA, the SofTec Support Alliance network. Major Silicon Device Manufacturers and ATE Producers trust SMH Technologies and FlashRunner technology.