Digital Airways Introduces Kaleido IDE for Google Android Platform

In announcing the availability of the Kaleido Integrated Development Environment (KIDE) for the Google Android[tm] platform, mobile software specialist Digital Airways opens the floodgates to handsets vendors wishing to design and customize feature-rich user experiences for Android-based mobile phones. Integrating seamlessly to the Android framework without modifying it, KIDE provides handset manufacturers and application vendors a single, unified development environment as a powerful “stepping stone” to adapt and extend existing applications to the new platform, while vastly reducing development time and cost.

KIDE takes advantage of many industry standard software components not available in the basic Android platform such as graphic engines, handwriting recognition, predictive text, Flash and SVG, and offers a realm of user experience possibilities to include touch screen, drag and drop, multi-windows, widgets, and more. Due to this, handset manufacturers can now differentiate their Android phone offers, with greater reactivity to market demands and a higher ROI.

Digital Airways’ CEO and co-founder Philippe Silberzahn explains: “KIDE unlocks Android’s potential by offering the best of both worlds: it enhances the highly acclaimed Android framework, allowing the creation of applications that meet the highest industry standards in terms of user experience, while making it easy and simple to port existing applications on Android.”

Applications developed with KIDE are installed using regular APK packages on the Android framework. Thanks to KIDE’s unique “Smart Bridging” technology, a large part of the application is managed directly by Kaleido in native code. As a result, most of the legacy code can be reused, which significantly reduces porting and customization time. In addition, many operations are faster than using their Java equivalent, and developers are not limited by Java’s speed and memory performances to implement complex behaviors, such as graphic effects or transitions.

Deployed world-wide since 2005 on a range of handsets and frameworks, KIDE has been used to create a series of innovative 2G and 3G handsets running different operating systems and frameworks. KIDE for Android is available immediately.

Take a look at Kaleido running on the G1 phone:
This video which shows how, with Kaleido, developers can create in less than 20 minutes a new original phonebook application on both Android and Windows Mobile:
Don’t forget to activate the captions commentary on the You Tube screen!
This video shows how KIDE (the Kaleido Integrated Development Environment) integrates all the tools to allow for the rapid creation of new user interfaces:

About Digital Airways
Digital Airways is a leading provider of world-class user interface solutions and services for the mobile telecommunications market. Digital Airways’ products enable handsets manufacturers and ODMs to easily create customizable mobile experiences with short time-to-market and low integration costs. The company was founded in 1998 and is privately held.