Crocus Technology Receives Two MRAM Patents

Crocus Technology, a premier developer of Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM), continues to expand the reach of its IP coverage by announcing two new patent grants by the US Patent and Trademark Office and the French Institut National de la Propriete Industrielle (INPI). The addition of these patents to Crocus’ portfolio deepens the Company’s foundation of innovation in the development of MRAM physics, materials, processing, and design.

“We are more driven than ever under our program of innovation, both internally and with our IP partners, to expand the technologies that will make MRAM memory pervasive,” said Jean Pierre Braun, CEO of Crocus Technology. “These two patents are welcome additions to Crocus’ IP position. Our expanding IP base is an essential element to building a strong MRAM business.”

The new patents cover use in specialized memory chips known as Content Addressable Memories (CAM), opening the way to denser, faster and less power-hungry CAM, as well as innovative developments in the physics, materials, and manufacturing of MRAM chips with high data stability. Commercialization of these technologies holds the promise of low cost, advanced technology MRAM to be used in applications ranging from mobile phones and disk drives to personal computers and network routers.

Crocus Technology’s new patents, and pending patents, are the result of work performed by Crocus engineers and scientists, as well as efforts developed through exclusive long-term partnerships with Spintec, the leading european spintronics laboratory jointly operated by CEA and CNRS.

“This unparalleled collection of patents leads the industry in development and growth of MRAM technology,” said Jean Pierre Nozieres, CTO and founder of Crocus Technology. “Crocus’ portfolio holds significant coverage in fundamental and structural aspects in the areas of Thermal Assisted Switching and Spintorque technology, with key inventions dating back more than ten years–far ahead of many of today’s participants in this market.”

About Magnetic Random Access Memory
MRAM’s unique characteristics make it particularly suitable to a wide variety of telecommunication, networking, computing and handheld applications currently using SRAM and/or flash memory technology. It is the only scalable new memory technology providing non-volatility, unlimited-write-endurance, high-density, and high-speed. It is particularly well-suited to applications requiring high data reliability and high performance, and has the unique potential of becoming the universal embedded memory technology for systems-on-chip devices.

About Crocus
Crocus Technology is an early-stage developer of MRAM technology for dense, non-volatile, high-speed, scalable memories. Its MRAM technology was conceived in the Grenoble-based Spintec laboratory, a world leading R&D center in Spintronics affiliated with two famous French labs, CEA and CNRS. Crocus Technology MRAM technology is covered by a comprehensive patent portfolio. The company licenses its technology for standalone and embedded chip applications in a wide variety of telecommunication, networking, storage, computing and handheld applications. Crocus is backed by VC firms AGF Private Equity, CDC Innovation, NanoDimension, Sofinnova Partners, Sofinnova Ventures, and Ventech and has operations in Grenoble, France, and Sunnyvale, California.