AdvancedIO Systems Rolls Out V3021 Dual Channel 10GbE Ethernet AMC

AdvancedIO® Systems, the leading provider of application-optimized 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) connectivity solutions for high-performance real-time embedded systems, announced the release of the V3021 dual-channel 10GbE connectivity and packet processing Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) module. With two front-panel SFP+ ports, the latest Xilinx® Virtex®-5 FPGA and the addition of SRAM memory, the V3021 offers customers the most 10GbE connectivity in a single slot. The V3021 is optimized for the type of real-time data flow and processing found in applications such as COMINT, ELINT, situational awareness systems, security, and network monitoring and optimization.

AdvancedIO Systems V3021 Dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet AMC with PCI Express Fabric“We continue to hear that commercial 10GbE network interface cards (NIC) are failing to address real-time application requirements,” noted Rob Kraft, VP of Marketing at AdvancedIO Systems. “Our FPGA-based approach allows us to tailor solutions that meet these requirements and offer the flexibility to add customized application-level processing well beyond the capabilities of commercial NICs. Customers trust AdvancedIO to optimize their system and provide them competitive advantage.”

The V3021 is the newest member of the V3000 product family and is designed for real-time embedded applications running in MicroTCA® and AdvancedTCA® platforms. The V3021 facilitates 10 gigabit line-rate packet inspection and manipulation via its high-performance architecture. Its software reconfigurability enables a common hardware platform to be used for multiple missions and applications. Additionally, its FPGA-based processing engine allows gate-level control to meet the highest requirements for determinism in both packet and signal processing algorithms.


  • Two 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ optical ports
  • Xilinx Virtex-5 XC5VLX110T FPGA (up to LX330T / FX200T optional)
  • PCI Express® x4 or x8 fat pipes
  • Application acceleration IP and user programmability software kits (optional)

The V3021 is now available and shipping. For more information, including other interfaces such as Serial RapidIO® or XAUI, please contact: 1.604.331.1600 x208 or

About AdvancedIO Systems
AdvancedIO Systems is the market leader in configurable 10GbE connectivity and packet processing solutions for the embedded systems market. AdvancedIO’s product family, including the market’s first 10GbE interface in the industry standard XMC form factor, delivers outstanding packet processing performance in conjunction with application flexibility. AdvancedIO provides a unique solution for high-performance defense and telecom applications and for developers seeking to implement and benefit from standards-based high-speed fabric connectivity. AdvancedIO Systems is a privately held company established in 2004 and is located in Vancouver, Canada.

AdvancedIO is a registered trademark of AdvancedIO Systems Inc.