Openmoko to Give Away FreeRunner Mobile Phones at Embedded Conference

Openmoko Inc, maker of the world’s first totally open mobile phone, will discuss its FreeRunner mobile phone platform that provides a quick way for embedded developers to create mobile products at the Embedded Systems Conference Tuesday, March 31 at 1:30pm at the ESC Theatre on the show floor. Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO of Openmoko, will talk about the FreeRunner in an interview with Bill Gatliff, Contributing Editor for Embedded Systems Programming Magazine, and a presenter and member of the Advisory Panel for the Embedded Systems. Following the interview, TechInsights, organizers of the Embedded Systems Conference, and Openmoko will give away an Openmoko FreeRunner to five audience members. Openmoko is also offering a show special, reducing the price of the FreeRunner from $399 to $299 for 30 days.

Openmoko released the totally open FreeRunner mobile phone to the market in mid-2008 providing the foundation for a fully operable mobile phone design that developers, product designers, students and enthusiasts are free to alter and experiment with new materials, industrial design and market-specific functionality. The company has seen expanding traction for the phone most notably medical, industrial and military markets where the design flexibility and mobile computing capabilities of the FreeRunner are of significant importance.

Developers can speed development by using Openmoko’s freely available open CAD files, electronics schematics and Free and Open Source software and support of the Open Source community. In addition to its own operating system, Openmoko supports major Open Source distributions including Android, Gentoo, SHR, Debian, community-driven FDOM, and QT by Trolltech (recently acquired by Nokia).

“Openmoko has provided a design foundation for developers to build new mobile devices with the support of a vibrant Open Source community offering free exchange of information, and input from experienced developer and marketing talent,” said Openmoko CEO, Sean Moss-Pultz. “Only by providing a completely open platform will important mobile computing and communications products and new markets develop freely.”

Fifty distributors covering North America, Europe and Asia currently work with Openmoko. The FreeRunner mobile phone is being used in universities around the world including MIT MediaLab, UC Berkeley, FSU and Georgia Tech in the United States.FreeRunners have been sold to over 40 universities and the company has engaged in ongoing projects with the Taiwan Ministry of Education.

The Openmoko FreeRunner Show Special will be available March 26 to April 26 at

About Openmoko
Openmoko is the commercial and community driven effort with a mission to create open mobile products that empower developers and consumers to personalize the devices, much like a computer, in any way they see fit. Openmoko is dedicated to helping innovators bring freedom and flexibility to consumer electronics and vertical market devices.