Embedded Masterclass Features Safety Critical Software Experts

This year’s UK high-tech developers conference, the Embedded Masterclass will give engineers developing safety critical software a chance to meet with several experts in this field and even undertake a half-day workshop in Software Timing Analysis. Several of the vendors exhibiting at this event develop products for mission critical software development within automotive systems, avionics, medical and safety control systems. The Embedded Masterclass will take place in Cambridge and Bristol on the 7th and 12th May.

“For anyone involved in the development of high-integrity software, this event will be a very productive use of their time,” said Richard Blackburn, the organiser. “There will be workshops relating to development using MISRA C++ and an understanding of software timing analysis, a critical factor is safety related software development. In addition to this, several of the exhibiting vendors such as Wind River, Nohau, Wittenstein and SDC Systems have new products and technologies that will be of considerable interest to engineers working with ADA, DO-178B or similar safety standards for software development.”

Engineers from SDC Systems will be available to discuss their product Ada Magic, that allows automatic error free conversion of ADA code to C/C++ while providing time and cost savings and preserving Ada codes’ comments, file structures and variable names to ease ongoing maintenance. With many companies seeking to migrate legacy ADA code to C/C++, AdaMagic is attracting a lot of attention in the marketplace.

Software Timing experts, Rapita Systems, will be undertaking a half-day workshop offering a tutorial that will cover key aspects on-target timing analysis: finding worst case execution times (WCET) and the worst case path, and why worst case optimization is not the same as average execution optimization. Practical issues of looking for the worst-case “hot-spots”, identifying timing bugs and verifying optimisation opportunities will be explained with examples of worst case optimization.

“The event is shaping up to be a very worthwhile event,” said Richard Blackburn. “We’ve a lot more vendor support for the project this year and delegate registrations are also well ahead of previous years. Our ambition is always to create an event that engineers will find a productive use of their time, this year I think we’ve excelled ourselves. We have a collection of great presentations that I think embedded and electronic engineers will find useful and interesting, a vendor exhibition that will introduce many new and exciting technologies and four half-day workshops that include an introduction to GUI Development and Embedded LInux development, as well as those mentioned.”

Over the past 9 years, the Embedded Masterclass has established itself as an important UK event for engineers looking to explore the most recent tools and technologies for the development of embedded systems. Over the years it has grown from a small seminar into a much larger event that now includes a tabletop exhibition, an agenda of technical presentations and a collection of high quality workshops. It attracts electronics engineers, embedded computing engineers, designers and project managers, giving them the chance to meet with engineers from many of the world’s leading vendors of development tools and realtime and embedded technologies. The Embedded Masterclass is recognised for the quality of its presentations, which are technical in content and presented by experienced and knowledgeable engineers. It’s free to engineers and managers in the technology sector, although the workshop carries a small charge.

The Embedded Masterclass will take place in Cambridge and Bristol on the 7th and 12th May. Contact info@embedded-masterclass.com for further information.