Orchid Technologies Sponsors Embedded Linux Jumpstart

An intensive, hands-on, embedded Linux training event will be co-sponsored by Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc. and Bill Gatliff on May 6-May 8 (8am-6pm). The event will be held at 4 Clock Tower Place, 5th Floor in the Concord Room in Maynard, MA.

“I use an accelerated, hands-on approach based on the latest Free and Open Source software, running on embedded hardware that the student keeps at the end of class,” says Bill Gatliff. “Graduates go home with their own working system, a reference design, and a knowledge base that they can put to immediate use in their own applications.”

Bill Gatliff’s Embedded Linux Jumpstart (TM) is a highly-regarded introduction to all the essential concepts involved in running Linux in an embedded system. In addition to in-depth lecture content, students also receive practical experience through hands-on lab exercises performed on real embedded hardware — including a custom-designed N-scale model train layout that facilitates PWM motor control, infrared sensor feedback, and I2C communications. More about this class and Bill’s fifteen years of embedded developing and consulting experience can be found on his website, at www.billgatliff.com. The cost for the training is $2,750.

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