RTXC Quadnet TELNET Server Supports Remote Command Shell Access

Quadros Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of configurable and scalable real-time operating systems (RTOS), announced they have expanded their TELNET server software to support remote command shell access. This allows remote users to access the RTXC Command Shell via a TCP/IP login. The TELNET protocol is a client-server protocol that allows the interfacing of terminal devices and terminal-oriented processes through a network. The RTXC Quadnet TELNET Server is an add-on module to the RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP software suite which allows a command line interface from a remote client.

The RTXC Command Shell is a command interpreter that reads a line from the user, interprets it as a command name, and then calls a function corresponding to the name that executes some code. Using a TELNET session a remote user can access any command available to the console user. This includes remote access to RTXC file systems and the RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP stack.

Key Features

  • Provides remote access to a console application on the embedded device for diagnostic and maintenance functionality
  • Supports multiple concurrent sessions
  • Provides secure login via username/password

The RTXC TELNET Server module is available now as an add-on to the in the RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP software suite. For more information about RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP software please visit: www.quadros.com/products

About Quadros Systems, Inc.
Quadros Systems, Inc. develops and markets RTXC technology: RTOS, communications stacks, and middleware for embedded systems. Features include: attractive, flexible license models including royalty free; full-spectrum RTOS solutions that scale with application requirements; extensive stack and middleware support; design and configuration tools; strong customer support from real experts; and choice of development tools-all from a stable company with a stable code base. RTXC products have been deployed worldwide in millions of embedded systems, serving markets such as communications, consumer, medical, and industrial control. For more information, contact Quadros Systems, Inc. at 832-351-2830, Quadros Systems Europe at +49-703/339-1561.

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