CoSoSysCreates Educational Comic Strip for Endpoint Security

CoSoSys, vendor of the most innovative and effective applications for portable storage devices and endpoint security solutions, announces a series of comic strips intended to educate the public regarding the embedded threats of portable and lifestyle devices. As the careless use of such devices can easily lead to data theft, data loss, fraud or identity theft, both individuals and businesses need to understand the risks they are exposed to.

The first issue of the educational strip will be published on March 11th on the Endpoint Protector website and will be followed by new comics every Thursday for the next 8 weeks. Each strip will put a certain security risk in the spotlight, from accidental losses to ill-willed insider data thefts and to virus infections that can put a company’s activity to a sudden halt, all caused by the use of portable devices and aided by the lack of proper endpoint security policies. Each issue will also provide a simple solution to such threats, showing how these dangerous breaches can be prevented.

“Recent research performed in both the US and the UK shows a troubling trend: data breaches are rising in numbers and in costs as well. Millions of people have their data exposed to identity theft or fraud each year and few of those affected or those responsible of the incidents know that most of these instances could easily be prevented. Making sure that your private records and all endpoints in your network are secured is not a difficult task. That is why we are committed to put our best efforts into raising awareness and educating the public about staying safe without making any lifestyle compromises”, explained Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO.

The company’s Endpoint Protector software is a best-of-breed DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and removable media device control solution designed to minimize internal threats, reduce data leakage risks and proactively control devices connected to the endpoints. It allows IT departments to proactively take control of the device internal use, while tracking all data transferred in or out of the protected network and enforcing encryption of the data in transit on portable devices. Endpoint Protector is available as a free 30 day trial or online demo at

About CoSoSys
CoSoSys is specialized in network endpoint security and development of software for portable storage device enhancement. The application portfolio includes functions from password security, data synchronization and network security. CoSoSys distributes its products globally through the world’s leading hardware manufacturers, software Distributors, Resellers and directly to users. CoSoSys enjoys a continuously growing installation base of users worldwide. The company has offices in Germany, the United States and Romania.