Knowles Acoustics Becomes Member of EDGE Innovation Network

Knowles Acoustics joins the EDGE® Innovation Network as a technology member. The EDGE is a collaborative, open-environment initiative enabling industry and academia, with government input, to work together to reduce the delivery time of new technologies and innovative capabilities to warfighters and first responders. The EDGE Innovation Network is sponsored by General Dynamics C4 Systems.

Knowles Business Director Peter Smith stated, “Knowles has delivered a variety of boom microphones and sensors designed for the military market. Knowles core competencies include acoustic sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and audio components that enable situational awareness while preserving the hearing health of the user. Membership in the EDGE Innovation Network will help facilitate Knowles’ growth in the mobile audio and mobile sensing segments through contributing to military applications.”

Pete Palmer, EDGE Innovation Network director for General Dynamics C4 Systems, said, “By aligning the innovations of EDGE members with requests and feedback from users, we are able to quickly deliver relevant and responsive capabilities that address critical size, weight and power requirements for warfighter equipment.”

In addition to innovations delivered to the U.S. Army’s Land Warrior program, the EDGE is currently monitoring more than 15 projects intended to improve and enhance warfighter capabilities. The EDGE opened in December 2006. There are currently over 70 EDGE members.

About Knowles
Knowles is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced acoustic components. In addition to being the market leader to the global hearing aid industry, Knowles is also the leading provider of MEMS surface mount microphones to major cell phone brands and consumer electronic devices as well as major supplier of acoustic interface solutions including subminiature electret microphones, balanced armature speakers, and speech enhancement software. For more information call 1-630-250-5100.