3L, DFCDesign Integrate TCP Stack into Diamond Multiprocessor Tool-Suite

3L, the Multiprocessor Design Company and DFCDesign, a specialist provider of custom embedded systems and IP, announced the integration of Diamond TCP, a full function, high performance TCP/IP networking stack into the 3L Diamond multiprocessor tool-suite. Optimized for multiprocessing and Gigabit Ethernet the stack supports the low level TCP, UDP, IP, IGMP, ICMP and ARP stack protocols. Diamond TCP provides multiprocessor designers with a high-performance stack that delivers the high data rates required in processor intensive applications such as high-end video and imaging, wireless base stations and networking.

To drive network connectivity, the stack’s on-chip EMAC (Ethernet Media Access Control) provides the Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet interface. The protocol overhead is light touch at 10% and stack configuration and deployment is seamless through its integration into the Diamond IDE and tight interoperability with TI’s Code Composer Studio.

Certified as Diamond Enabled, the stack’s protocol implementations are RFC-compliant and pre-integrated into 3L’s Diamond multiprocessor tool-suite. The Diamond tool-suite allows designers to accelerate the development of multiprocessor applications through highly targeted design automation coupled with a powerful model that simplifies the description of efficient multiprocessor systems. 3L Diamond helps the designer create tasks, self-contained blocks of code, which communicate with other tasks on DSP, FPGA or GPP architectures.

“By integrating our stack IP into the Diamond environment there is immediate access to the array of multiprocessor platforms that are supported by 3L”, said Sobeslav Valach, chief executive officer at DFCDesign. “Because of the work completed by ourselves and 3L, integration effort is taken away from the designer and the result is a very high performance stack that is easy to use and deploy.”

Diamond TCP’s standard BSD socket API simplifies the process of porting applications and the stack is supplied with configuration utilities for IP addresses and routing tables. Higher level protocols such as SSH, FTP/ Client Server and DHCP will become available to designers.

Intellectual Property that is certified as ‘Diamond Enabled’ has been tested and verified to work with the 3L Diamond multiprocessor tool-suite and with multiprocessor hardware platforms. The IP can be called by the designers from within the IDE and is supplied with user documentation and design examples.

“Working with the DFCDesign team we’ve created an optimized stack for high performance multiprocessing systems and can offer a completely integrated, very easy to use solution to our customers. The stack is Diamond Enabled” said Peter Robertson, managing director of 3L. “As the Multiprocessor Alliance continues to expand we will be able to offer further integration and more functionality to the increasing number of designers creating multiprocessor systems.”

3L Diamond and Diamond TCP is immediately available from 3L Ltd and its channel partners.

About 3L
3L Ltd, The Multiprocessor Design Company, provides the design tools, software and IP that is used by application developers to create multiprocessor systems that feature DSP, FPGA & GPP. Its Diamond multiprocessor tool suite is used by some of the world’s leading electronics companies and provides an easy to use, flexible environment where very high performance processing technologies can be quickly leveraged and applied to demanding signal processing applications. Founded in 1987 the company’s products are used in the telecom, video and signal processing, and defense markets. It is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK, and operates internationally.

About DFCDesign
DFC Design Ltd is a company specialized in design and development of data acquisition, industrial control and automation electronics as well as complete custom embedded systems including programmable logic design – FPGA’s IP cores, DSP algorithms, embedded system programming and PCB layout. It is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic – EU, and operates internationally.