Geensys Launches ASIM Simulation Module for AUTOSAR Builder Tool Suite

Geensys, the specialist provider of embedded development tools, value-added embedded engineering/consulting services and embedded software IP, has launched the ASIM simulation module for its award-winning AUTOSAR Builder tool suite. ASIM for AUTOSAR Builder provides a comprehensive, PC-based solution for validating and verifying AUTOSAR systems early in the development cycle. ASIM for AUTOSAR Builder will initially operate at the Virtual Functional Bus (VFB) and ECU levels. Network level simulation will be added later.

ASIM for AUTOSAR Builder’s VFB-level simulation capability facilitates the validation and verification of AUTOSAR Software Components (SWCs) independently of any hardware constraints and topology mapping. It focuses on the higher level of functional behaviour of applications within the context of three layers of abstraction – the interface definition, behaviour definition and implementation definition. For the interface definition layer, the ports and associated interfaces of an SWC that enable communication with other SWCs and underlying Basic Software (BSW) services are validated and verified. For the behavioural layer, the “runnables” in terms of real-time properties and execution semantics such as scheduling, triggering and activation sources are validated and verified. The implementation layer deals with the validation and verification of resource consumption.

ASIM for AUTOSAR Builder’s ECU-level simulation capability facilitates the validation and verification of specific ECU implementations as part of a hardware topology. The use of AUTOSAR’s underlying standard BSW services, such as the ECU State Manager, the NVRAM Manager and the Communication Manager, by an SWC to fulfil specific tasks can significantly affect the functional behaviour of the SWC requesting them as well as highlight non-functional flaws due to implementation artefacts. ECU-level simulation enables their impact to be thoroughly assessed.

ASIM for AUTOSAR Builder’s Network-level simulation facilitates the validation and verification of multiple SWCs and ECUs within the context of an entire system topology including network data.

“The launch of ASIM for AUTOSAR Builder solves the difficult challenges of validating and verifying an AUTOSAR-compliant system design,” said Pascal Gula, AUTOSAR Product Marketing Manager for Geensys. “Most importantly, it enables design issues to be identified and addressed early in the development cycle improving quality, saving time and reducing costs.”

About Geensys
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