Neopost Designs User Interface with Digital Airways Kaleido

User interface specialist Digital Airways announces that its UI software solution for embedded systems has been chosen by Neopost, the European leader and number two world-wide supplier of mailing systems. Resulting from a longstanding collaboration between Neopost and Digital Airways that dates to 2005, the first products to integrate Kaleido are the manufacturer’s IS range of franking machines, comprising five models. Introduced in April 2008 in the US market, followed by releases in the UK and Germany, this product range will also be available in France during 2009.

Neopost franking machineThe complete user interface of all the IS machines were designed using a Windows CE base with Kaleido, making them easy to use. Neopost embedded software systems manager Patrick Blanluet indicates: “Kaleido is a well adapted solution for embedded industrial applications. In providing a single software base, it guarantees development productivity and important long-term cost savings. Kaleido also accelerates the process of adapting our products to different markets.”

The Kaleido solution’s qualities combined with the success of the IS product range convinced Neopost in its industrial choice of using Digital Airways’ solution in the design of all future products.

“To have been chosen by Neopost, the leading actor in its field, is proof of the quality and commercial value of Digital Airways’ user interface solutions”, says Philippe Silberzahn, CEO and co-founder of Digital Airways. “We’re very proud to be associated with the success of Neopost, and with whom we shall continue to assist in the development of their long-term goals.” The fact that Neopost machines are certified by the postal authorities in countries where they are sold, adds to the industrial approval of the solution.

Facing growing international competition in a tougher economic climate, the command of the user interface has become a major focus for embedded industrial systems. They are effectively confronted by an increase in the development of rich functions and the multiplicity of platforms, resulting in rising costs and manufacturing delays.

Conceived in response to these new constraints and already widely deployed in the telephone mobile market, the Kaleido UI solution may be used in a large number of embedded environments both in consumer markets (multi-media players, set-top boxes, interactive stations, digital picture frames ) and in industrial markets (electronic payment terminals, medical equipment, order processing devices).

About Digital Airways
Founded in 1998, Digital Airways is a leading provider of world-class user experience solutions and services. The company combines its cutting-edge UI technology, its dedicated products and its 10-year expertise in assisting its customers in mission critical projects, to deliver customizable, cost effective and specific UI solutions to each key segment of the embedded industry.

About the Neopost Group
The Neopost Group (5 500 employees in 15 countries) is the leading European provider and the second largest worldwide provider of mailroom equipment and logistics solutions. In 2007, the group achieved a turnover of €907 million. Neopost is listed on the Premier Marché of the Euronext Paris stock market.